super mario 64

  1. J

    My idea with music from Mario games which is making a quiz in multiple choice format for what game this music is originally from

    Since later Mario games have cover versions or arrangements of music originally from earlier Mario games, this gave me an idea to make a quiz called "What Mario game was this music originally from" with the questions being in multiple choice format. I will use the word "ORIGINALLY" in all caps...
  2. J

    Did you ever feel retro when you raced on Delfino Square and Tick Tock Clock when you were playing Mario Kart DS?

    I know these two courses are new (nitro) courses in Mario Kart DS, but playing on these courses made me feel retro in a way because Delfino Square reminded me of Super Mario Sunshine while Tick Tock Clock reminded me of Super Mario 64.
  3. Hayverjay64

    Mario Apparition Portal

  4. Theanine

    Super Mario 64's Jolly Roger Bay remade like a painting

    This is an interactive video! Use your mouse (or phone tilt / touch screen ) to rotate the camera view.
  5. THE END

    Super Mario 64: Shared Nightmares

    I’ve had quite a few, but I will not mention them until later on. I’ve seen videos about these and I’ve found out some really scary ones. Here are a few. “I was playing Super Mario 64 normally, until I go into Big Boo’s Haunt, I had to choose between to doors to continue, but one of them led to...