Super mario bros x

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this fan game is really interesting, I even play it to this day. If you don't know it, super mario bros x is a sophisticated mario game that you can play other's worlds. you can even program the game's sprites, designs, controlls in your own set of adventure. The most impressive part about it is the level editor, which could be the best thing doing in this gam, it has a lot of high capacities. This game is highly recommended by me, but I think your computer has to be windows 7 or more.


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i remember i used to play it a ton back in 2015 and even wanted to recreate all smb2 levels but that went nowhere. as well as some starbound stuff later on i hecked around a lot with changing the textures with how easy it is.. anyway i havent played it in years its cool i guess though

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I made Baby Mario and Baby Luigi sprites for this game.

S'yeah, I've enjoyed playing on it.


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I never much cared for it. The editing freedom is cool but the game never "felt right" if that makes any sense.

Mak n' sauce

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For me, all it really needed were Super Mario Advance styled voice clips and it would have been perfect.
I personally didn't really want voice clips, but I guess it would be pretty neat. I did actually go to the website and downloaded some worlds from it, but there was this weird one that ends you up in Frozen's castle or something. I kinda enjoyed it at first, but when I came to the end, I was just saying this is ridiculous and ended up not wanting to play it anymore

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I never played this but we need to make our own sprites in Mario Maker 3.

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You don't seem to be able to describe why lol. You just say it feels weird. To me it feels like the old games while NSMB games have better ones and that's it.


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Feels like I'm playing a bootleg.

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If you could try to explain what's making it feel off, it'll help imo. There has to be something describable here; fall speed a bit too high, not much lateral movement while jumping, stilted animations, unresponsive controls, slower acceleration, bad traction, etc

One reviewer said the Thwomp drops a little too soon and quickly, which I vaguely recalled happens. Hammer Bro. is said to behave weird too. Also, the Goomba's Shoe controls like shit, like there's too many times I fell off without jumping because I couldn't time the jump properly for it.

Same reviewer also said the same thing about it feeling "off", citing acceleration and maneuverability problems.