Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

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Well, My Nintendo notebook and keychain are decent enough?

I think this is the first hand-drawn artwork of Giga Cat Mario and Fury Bowser, by the way.

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Bowser's Fury is cool, but 100% bonus isn't at all worth it in my opinion.
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Mister Wu

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It’s pretty catisfying in my opinion.

After all, it’s paired with the game whose 100% reward was “replay the whole game until all the characters have touched all the goal poles to get shining stars in the file select screen”.
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100%ing 3D World is awful and I'm sure everyone agrees on that. But from what I've seen of Bowser's Fury it seems like a nice addon to the game that has a differing gameplay experience, which is a good move on them to make the port more appealing.

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That'd fit quite well in Mario Maker. Would surely work better than Meowser.

Spoilers ahead! Kinda.

The final boss was kinda... strange and unfitting to be honest but I loved all the Sunshine throwbacks. And freaking calico cats missions, they're so cute! Rewards for 100%ing Bowser Fury are also pretty cute, I wasn't expecting nothing more to be honest. Sure, a Daisy addition would have been quite welcomed, but... I guess that's fine either.


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Welp i have this game now, my mother got it for me yesterday 😄 its cool so far.

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There's no collected star/stamp list anywhere? (Which shows every level, and what you've collected. I know I've seen that on previous games). It seems you can only see what you've collected from going on to the world map, and moving to every level one at a time.

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press - to bring up the world map, then press right to bring up a list of levels in the world which will have all the info you're looking for (and if you press right again it'll let you see the stamp album that shows up every time you unlock a new stamp at the end of a level)