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The vast majority of Switch online connections seem to be peer-to-peer. If they were hosting dedicated servers for people to connect to I could understand, but is the workload they have to bear really that high when the bulk of the stress is carried by the customers themselves?


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Matchmaking still requires servers that need paying for, even if it takes less resources.

It can be argued that the price is somewhat steep if you don't care about retro games, I agree with you on that. My argument is mainly at people complaining that online should be free, which it really doesn't.

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honestly, i've seen this similar excuse about games requiring microtransactions to pay for the devs because games are getting too expensive to make and honestly, it doesn't fly with me. i really think the only reason nintendo is doing this is because they see their console competitors are doing it and want a slice of that extra revenue pie for the sake of it. nintendo isn't impoverished, far from it; they can afford to have a bazillion third party representatives and expensive ones too such as cloud strife and konami's solid snake in their smash game and use celebrities to promote their products as well as their console being mega successful and suddenly, they can't afford basic stuff for their games that they want to ask more money from?

like games like fornite (which is free to play) don't require their own subscription, online doesn't have extra pay cost. activision, 2k, and ea all yearly release shit, all online, and they're fine. nintendo's online had been shit when it was free, and when it was paid, it was still shit with no improvements. nintendo even went along fine with their ds, wii, and wii u console. i also expect the sales of the game are supposed to be the thing that helps pay the servers too. only in console are people expected to pay extra for online, even though in the pc market, hugely popular games that have millions of people such as fortnite, league of legends, dota 2, or tf2 don't need extra monetization. sure you have mmos which have monetization schemes and subscriptions in them too such as world of warcraft but you're also paying to play their games as well so...

you could make that argument that nintendo is selling a console too on top of games but...honestly? i think it's a weak justification for the paid service. they pretty much took something away and offered a price in it, and im not in the mood to give that the benefit of the doubt considering that i see this shit all throughout the game industry and if you give them the inch, they'll take the mile and we have plenty of evidence to not give them the benefit of the doubt.

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I feel like people forget how expensive it is to host servers that millions of people can connect with. It's a miracle it lasted until NSO for Nintendo to offer online for free.

Of course Nintendo has margins to profit of it, but it sure also pays their bills.
Nintendo is a multinational corporation that has record obscene profits in game and console sales and owns several of the biggest intellectual property in the world. I don't want to sound rude or smug, but I really don't think the price of online maintenance is so costly that Nintendo needs to put a service (that's mostly peer-to-peer anyway) behind a subscription price that doesn't justify the quality of its service.

As my sister said, I am not willing to grant benefit of doubt to Nintendo.