Do you remember (or even know) Calvin and Hobbes?


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Calvin and Hobbes was a great comic strip drawn by Bill Watterson from November 18 1985 through December 31 1995, and the only member I see that remembers it is @Hobbes. So let me know if you know and remember it.


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back in the day my mom used to buy me these lil like? kids magazines and they actually had a few issues of this comic in it. so yea im def at least somewhat familiar with it

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I have several collections of the comics and I probably recognize most of them. There's too much for me to share, but one of my favorites is Calvin turning his elementary school into a crater from his fighter jet.

Bill Watterson got a lot of angry comments from probably adult/parent readers and Watterson just said that "Any kid that never fantasized about blowing up his school never really went there"



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Oh yeeeeees my math teacher shared a lot of these in class last year, a lot of them centered around Hobbes' incompetent math skills. Good stuff.

Also the one LGM posted relatable lol

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As I stated in my ask thread a while back, yes. I have read the comic strip on multiple occasions, and it was a driving force behind my writing. I still love it, just not as much as I used to.


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I have a few collections of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips, and absolutely love them. Some of the ones that really stick in my mind, are the last Rosalynd one, several of the snowmen creations and one where Hobbes pushes Calvin into their fishing spot when Calvin complains about nothing exciting happening.