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A project I did on another website that I am bringing here, a ebook guide to Mario Boards ocs, only put in with your consent, if you don't want to be in, don't post.

Also, don't post the info in your OC's bio if you don't want it public, then don't post it, this is a project made out of respect, no forcing people to do anything, feel free to adjust before the due date of March 1st, the book will be free
With that said and done, let's get this started!
"Miichele is your typical apocalypse survior, she's crass, she's obsessed with thrills, she _;#^&; &_!&;ing hate the rock :%&€ that caused the situation in the first place, the go to driver in the Hell desert world, she has upped her truck with all kinds of weapons it could hold before it tips over, winning these parts in bounties and vr gambling. .. and sometimes just working retail, while she appears rude, she will protect anyone she comes by, hardening them into a warrior while not breaking their spirits"

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Dark Light: Leader of a group called The Protectors and identifies as female. Has retractable, glowing purple poison blades. She also works as a cop for Mushroom City. She's bossy and easily irritable, but she's also loyal, very competent at fighting, and, deep down inside, also very caring (even if she doesn't realize it). She's very stubborn and holds very strong opinions, to the point where she holds very odd beliefs such as "rap music causes people to commit crime" and "people who litter should be jailed for life". Because of this, much to her irritation, people like making fun of her. She also looks adorable when she's mad, but don't tell her that.

Redshift: Spanish, red-colored second-in-command of the Protectors and is a talented warrior like his leader. He is very chill and takes his duties very seriously, almost a little bit too seriously. He is a hard worker, doesn't take siestas, and can sometimes be a perfectionist, to his fault. He is also a mediator when conflict arises within the group (which happens pretty often). He rolls his eyes when someone thinks he's Mexican. Hard. Still, he is very friendly, if not a little bit on the introverted side, and it's easy to make friends with him.

Ray Trace: Russian, the tallest out of them, and his favorite color is yellow. He is cocky, bright, flirtatious, and takes great pride in himself. He is also very reckless, being fearless and able to charge into any situation without hesitation. Also the group's class clown in that he makes jokes and he likes being smug. He's a little bit on the dull side, however, and it's usually him that annoys other members due to his bright, positive outlook, no hesitation to crack jokes at other's expense, and his dullness at points. Still, he's friendly and very caring and very loyal towards his friends.

Bluminescence: A blue, French guy who's a bit on the chubby side, but has a massive heart and naivety to him that makes him simply adorable. He's not as good as a fighter as the rest of the team, so he tends to be the person who actively wants to avoid conflict and just get along with everyone. Although he can be naive at points, he is still fairly intelligent and competent. Everyone gets along with him in the group, despite sometimes being a little bit too positive for some's tastes. He gets really upset if someone points out his weight and would be the first to cry if a tragedy happens or if shown a sad movie.

Ultra Violet: Purple, cynical, and American. He's had a deeply troubled past, where lots and lots of zombies were involved, and he lost much of his honor a while ago due to his jaded personality. He's also as toxic as his purple blades, which are the most lethal out of the group, though he is ironically the medic of the group as well, being adept at healing wounds. Rarely smiling, he often complains about the group, the weather, his aching body, his lack of sleep, and almost everything else. He does greatly respect and admire his commander, but he has trouble listening to other members. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and listening to music. When times do show, however, he can be quite kind, but it's only in very specific times and it doesn't happen often.

Kontrast: German, and the group's littlest guy, but also the most aggressive. While he likes building up his strength and diving headfirst into battle, he is quite a coward in the inside and easily gets spooked by threats clearly orders of magnitudes bigger than him (which is a lot). He is forgetful and inexperienced with fighting, which leads to many teasing by Ray Trace. However, outside the group, he can be quite cordial towards polite and friendly people, and deep inside, he'd rather make friends than enemies, peace than war, even despite his rather overenthusiastic willingness to fight and obliterate threats. He really can't stand Ray Trace, however.


BTW, feel free to tag anyone you would think would be interested, the more, the merrier!

Also, I am up for taking ideas for the cover, it's probably going to be a shop job because I am not that great of a artist and I feel like just taking a drawn cover from someone else without paying them would be disrespectful


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What exactly is this? I'm just wondering, as an author I am totally interested!


"Archagent Everlasting. You know the guy. Feared by Fellas, and really anyone before the Great Power Cliff of 2033. With that being said, he's been to more places than any person from Delaware, and his arsenal of random location-based facts would cause somebody from Teehee Valley to cough their eyes out. He apparently has a family...?"


It is simply a handy guide for the ocs on the board, it is also a way to appreciate the creatively of those who make them


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John Miles Athen

John is a teenager from New Donk City who has a striking resemblance to Luigi. Usually, He always wears his cowboy hat and his trusty six-shooter. He has a blue 2012 Ford-F150 Pickup truck which can travel in between dimensions. By traveling dimensions, he meets multiple versions of the same character, including himself.
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Name: Fawfulthegreat64

Other Names: Dimentio64, King Antasma, Wittgenstein, Vivian, Jamey

Species: ???

Age: 25

Gender: Female (Transgender)

Quote: "I'd love to see Toads cannibalizing each other."

Bio: An eccentric Mario RPG fangirl who can take many forms, but here is taking the form of a Beanish resembling Fawful, one of her favorite characters and inspirations. She's also obsessive over various other Mario characters, including Dimentio, Antasma, Count Bleck, Vivian, & Cackletta. Her favorites in the main cast are the Mario Bros., Wario Bros., Bowser, Princess Peach & Pauline. Some say that top-hat is alive, and related to the Bonneters, but this is not confirmed. Nevertheless, she is able to use it to take control of enemies, including her arch-nemesis Toad and his many doubles, in addition to pesky Koopatrol guards.

In addition to Mario, she loves many things from childhood, such as SpongeBob, The Brave Little Toaster, and the short-lived NakNak figures from the early 2000s.

Credit to Baby Luigi for the model
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Power Flotzo: A young Flotzo hailing from a small fishing village near the Pacific coast. Usually seen wearing his trademark green headband, he is usually enthusiastic and full of energy and fighting spirit. He tends to be protective of everyone, especially his creator, a child by the name of Jumpman J. Jones. PF (as some call him) prefers attack to defense when he is on the battlefield. Though most of said combat occurs on land, he prefers to fight in the water, where he usually has the upper hand. PF can run as fast as an automobile and lift up to 10 times his own weight when he is at maximum strength; this usually happens when he is near or in water. One thing he cannot do, however, is fly, which he attempts to do frequently, and almost never ends well. When PF is not fighting crime, he can be found at beachside resort hotels, where he excels in training tourists in the art of towel folding.

Douglas MacArthur

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Tim Riley: He is an expert of singing, he is from Gold City, he often gets into trouble with Dark Light due to his drunkenness. He fled the Mushroom Kingdom due to an arrest warrant slapped on him by his friend and often enemy, Dark Light. He lives in the Russian Empire with Vladimir Putin. He vowed to protect him from Dark Light's corrupt group called The Protectors and made him into a son of sorts. His alias is known as Vladimir Putin Jr..

Tim Riley alt.jpg

Flora: She joined the car wash and she shares the name of a Fire Emblem maid. In fact she is said maid. She used to like wars, but turned to peace. She helps out White Lightning when he needs help. She usually wears aviator shades, but only took them off one time.


Her favourite album is Gloryland Jubilee by the Blackwood Brothers. That is back when her friend J.D. Sumner was in the said group.

Gloryland Jubilee.jpg

She is gay, married to Sarah, another woman. She fell in love after escaping from 1835.

Sarah: She was born in 1818 in Conway, South Carolina. At the age of four, she moved to North Carolina and was taken in by a Cherokee tribe. In 1835, she met her friends, White Lightning and J.D. Sumner. When they asked her to come to the present day in 2020, she accepted. She was a good friend of Dark Light, but she angered her due to her constantly asking to join The Protectors and asking for a house. She believes that the restraining order given to her and her other members in her trio that includes Tim Riley, Flora, and herself was unjustified. She has told Dark Light that she has a heart of stone and heavily dislikes her. She is friends with Redshift, her only contact with The Protectors. She says that Redshift is a best friend, but not eligible for her to marry due to her loving Flora more and that she is married to her. She may of been born in 1818, but don't let that fool you, she is 17. Her favourite album is Treasury of Memories by J.D. Sumner & The Stamps Quartet.

Treasury Of Memories.jpg

Her favourite singer is fellow trio member Tim Riley.

J.D. Sumner: He was once a person in the real world, like Tim Riley, but moved posthumously to the Mushroom Kingdom His real world counterpart died in 1998.

J.D. Sumner.jpg

He served in the Sunny Side Quartet from 1945 - 1949. He joined the Sunshine Boys and stayed there until 1954. He sang with The Blackwood Brothers from 1954 until 1965, when he joined The Stamps. He was with The Stamps until 1980, when they disbanded. He then joined The Masters V, it was a union with fellow Southern Gospel singers that lasted until 1988 when The Masters V disbanded and reformed The Stamps. He sung with The Stamps until 1998, his death in the real word.

Twenty one years later, he ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom, where he done a job application as a singer and was accepted. He was serving the evil General White Lightning and the original Flora. He didn't know the evils. When he found out, he left them behind for more singing. Then he met White Lightning, General White Lightning's younger brother. He liked him and he serves as a mentor to him. He went back in time one time and met Sarah. He became friends with her.

He was on a mission, to save Felicia and Flora from a wrongful execution. He boarded a ship to France and saved them, but they had none of it and sent an army of 10,000 men to kill the trio. After a week or two of fighting, the trio won. They ended up killing the general and went back to America to go back to the kingdom. When Grayscale became evil, he was known for stupid and dangerous acts. He rode a helicopter on a ladder, never letting go. When Flora had to land a helicopter on the USS Sarah, he jumped off, onto the deck of the ship, unharmed. He helped out tremendously, he even had the courage to tell Sarah to deal the final blow against Grayscale, which she did. He adores and is in love with Dark Light, but don't tell her that. His favourite singers are himself and Sarah. His favourite book is the Bible and he reads it every day. His favourite album is by him and the name is Gloryland Jubilee. He shares his favourite album with Flora.

White Lightning: He was born in 1990 to a at the time 90 year old man named Charles III. He was born at Mushroom City General hospital. When he was in elementary school he met Charlotte. He beat up a ton of bullies. When he thought he was going to be suspended since he broke many of the bullies jaws, the principle gave him a ring that he would start wearing at the age of 18. He went to college where he met the old Flora. She was studying peacekeeping and he was studying medical science. But then the U.S. military called him and he left the Mushroom Kingdom for half a decade.

He trained with the military and he exceeded expectations, so they sent him to Area 51. He further trained and went into multiple wars and never lost a single one. After his older brother, General White Lightning was killed, he went back to the kingdom. He served in more wars. But one day a Civil War broke out due to the opposition demanding democracy. He crushed them at the battle of Jamestown River, which was the final battle of the war. He then went on to negotiate a peace treaty and he became the first president of the Mushroom Kingdom.

White Lightning then went back in time to rescue Flora and Felicia. Although he ended up in 1835 United Sates instead of 1835 France, he done his mission while meeting Sarah. He then went back to the present day and another Civil War broke out. This time lead by Dr. Eggman and Mario. He convinced Mario to join his side and he crushed Dr. Eggman, landing him into jail. Then an outbreak of Demogorgons happened and he and his army crushed them and traveled into the Inside Out and he killed the last known specimen.

He is known by his real name, Charles IV. As president he is known as the Donald Trump of the Mushroom Kingdom. He is in love with two women, Hilda and longtime friend Charlotte. He usually has a beard and a cowboy hat for his appearance.
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I helped create the cover for the ebook. If y'all are wondering. This is what I made.

Mario Boards OF Guide Cover.png

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it's not called the "white lightning OC ebook guide" come on

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@Classic Sonic, @FireyYoshi!, C'mon, it was just the cover. @Meowkie gave me permission to use a photo of her, so it isn't all about me. I wanted the founder to have a spot in the cover.

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Well, I worked on late into the night. I got tired, so I made a misspelling. I am going to work a bit more. It is still in beta.
It's a group project in the end, everyone who participated should get a shot
Name: FireyYoshi
Age: 15
Likes: Nintendo, Fire, Disney
Dislikes: Star Wars, Sony, Xbox
Bio: Born an orphan, FireyYoshi grew up in the Mushroom Kingdom. He later joined Mario and friends one day after they had beaten Bowser. He is also a user on the Mario Wiki.

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Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.

Douglas MacArthur

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
@FireyYoshi!, your image will be small since I can't seem to resize it. I am working of doing everyone.

Douglas MacArthur

Old soldiers never die; they just fade away.
then resize it
I said I couldn't seem to resize it. When I use GIMP, I can't resize it, got a better image size, just PM me and I'll work things out.