Christmas 2019


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With the end of Thanksgiving and the beginning of December, Christmas is just around the corner. Hard to believe it came around so soon...

Anyway, thoughts? Plans? Random Christmas stuff you want to post? This is the place for it!
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Keen for some time off more than anything though I'd prefer to not have forced leave so I can hoard it for a big holiday.

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My cousin had a baby last January, this will be her first Christmas. I got to meet her for the first time Thanksgiving, but I'm planning to put together a CD of music I think she'll like. There will be a loose Christmas theme and it will have a lot of Parry Gripp music because Parry makes so many great catchy songs for kids. The baby was clapping happily to Pirate Snail on Broccoli Island when I played that on Thanksgiving, I'll probably include that, Slushy the Slushball, and Space Unicorn among others. Also I'm tempted to throw The Duck Song in there, because having a kid with that song stuck in their head is exactly what my cousin and her husband need :D


Hey my cousin also had a baby this year. She lives in Australia though so meeting up is a bit hard. Probably won't be around them for Christmas unless something sudden is put in place. Family reunions like this are pretty nice though.

Well whatever you got in store for them should be good.

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We're going to hang lights again. I really want to get over my strong fear of heights and using ladders to put lights up but...
Well, the outdoor work is done. I was the one who climbed the ladder. I didn't go too far high, maybe climbed 10 feet or more. We hung colorful lights that framed the garage, and we put out a projector that decorates the wall with sparkly green and red lights.

Hopefully we finish this with a nice tree.


So in the context of the protests over here, we got a bit of a patriotic theme going for our christmas.

Now first thing you see entering my house is a tree decorated with Lebanese flags.


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I had set up the Christmas tree a few days ago, and we are about done with the decorations. I ordered some stuff for me as an early Christmas gift to myself.

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Its that time! Christmas time is here! We're so glad its Christmas Vacation!