What do you like about yourself?


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A lot of people are unable to see the good in themselves, this topic is one of reflection so we can all think well of ourselves.

Personally, I think I have a compassionate heart, if someone is in trouble, I can't help but try to help them, sometimes, I think I am simply trying to make people like me, but dang it, I go into it full force, years of experience of feeling despair makes me want no one to suffer through this.

Also, I tend to laugh at my own jokes, I just like having a smile on my face


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i'm a lazy unenergetic pessimist with no friends

Oh...good stuff? Okay...well...I have a sense of humor, I'm often willing to try new things, and I like to help people. I'll also eat pretty much anything that isn't lettuce. (I actually have siblings that like lettuce but refuse to eat food that's actually good. Wrong opinions, they have.)


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I'm pretty sure I can actually be pretty smart when I want to. I have shown to be able to think ahead of other people.

That and I consider myself to be a pretty decent guy. I'm not particularly mean or anything and I am thoughtful of how my actions could impact someone else but that's really a way everyone should think so eh. Not that special, but I still like that I am one of those people.

Oh yeah I also got a nice singing voice when I'm in the mood to sing.


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i think im pretty kind? i get noticeably frustrated with certain people sometimes but mostly i try to be as friendly as i can
i like my art!! i still wanna improve in a lot of areas but overall yea
i have at least some Biology Knowledges

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I've been told by one of my high school teachers at a creative writing class that at first impressions, that I'm harsh, overly critical, sarcastic, distant, and someone who looks like it would be tough to get along (and yeah this especially rang true back then, I DID act like a nitpicking douche who hated everyone's works but everyone in the class, especially the teacher who would make sarcastic jabs back at me and made me the class's unofficial grammar nazi, took it in humor at this reputation) but once you break through the ice, you'll find one of the sweetest and most compassionate people you'll ever meet. One of my friends was intimidated by me at first impressions, and at least another two I've met online we didn't get along at first (Swiftie and Mcmadness, especially Mcmadness as I had put him in my ignore list on GameFAQs early on) and now we're all very great among each other.

The same teacher also told me that I'm smarter than everyone in the class, but my significant downside is that I probably can't dance at all, which I'll take as truth: I really can't dance at all lol. Being told that I'm very intelligent was a pretty recurring thing to have among teachers and older people I know. Too bad my grades at school didn't reflect that: C's and D's were my main grades in high school thanks to my ADHD and myself being lazy and content with mediocrity.

I am gifted with nearly perfect physical health. My height and weight are spot on, never had health issues aside from not being able to see 3 feet in front of me without glasses, and I was never bothered by my appearance in the slightest. The only thing negative is that I'm slight on the frail end, but I can certainly improve with a bit of physical training as I'm out of shape, that's all.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that I'm part Chinese and part French and that I live in a highly Asian community? I love my city and my home. I love the multiculturalism and I love being familiar with the French language and Chinese cuisine. I'm very lucky to have a mixed heritage and have grandparents who spoke two completely different languages (and that I can never understood them because neither spoke English).

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Well, I like that I'm smart. I don't have much to compare myself to considering I'm from the middle of nowhere, but I'm at the top of my class and scored highly on the SAT. I have no idea how I'd stack up against the rest of the world, though. It's easy to be at the top when most of the people below you are farmers who don't care about school.

I also like that I'm tolerant. It's hard for me to hate people, and it's even harder to hold grudges. Give me a day and I'll forgive anyone, a week if I'm really mad. I'm pretty good at holding my tongue, too. At school, idiots spew things I don't want to hear all the time, but I can ignore them with ease.

I like myself all around. I'm not a perfect person by any means, but if I can forgive others, I can forgive myself, too.


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I've been told I'm kind, thoughtful, creative, and humorous, so that's something. And I'm alive, which is good, I like living.

Pretty much everything else needs work, but at least I have those going for me.

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Several people (both irl and on here) have said I'm good at drawing, which I've slowly realized for myself (especially after this semester's drawing class). I've also been described as funny, which is something I'm glad about, as I always try to lift people's spirits with jokes (unless they're uncalled for in a situation).