Your happiest memories


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Pain and sorrow clouds the mind, please, be kind to yourself, here is a topic to remember the good stuff

This might sound silly, but one day, I woke up in a warm blanket, saw the sun rise for the first time, ate a cookie, and watched Madeline.
My mom wished me a good morning, that day just feels so warm, I hope with my rapid lost of memory, I never forget it


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Last year for me was absolutely amazing. Best year by far. Lotsa great things happened, lotsa nice people entered my life. Really, it was amazing. Too bad it's coming to a close in two months.

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Last April I got to go to my first formal school prom (I'm homeschooled, I go to a co-op currently which is how I finally went to one) and danced with a girl that I like. I think she likes me too, but that might just be my brain telling myself that (though after I danced with her she started talking to me a lot more). Either way that's my favorite memory by far.
And I got to wear a suit, suits are awesome.

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I accidentally whored shoulders
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I got hired into my dream job back in September of this year!! I'm now working in a micro lab. I still can't believe it though I would have never guess I'd end up working in a magnet hospital. Everything feels so unreal it's kinda exciting.
my happiest memories were when I hung out with my really strange friends
and played various card games wth them
Knights of the Zodiac
Gundam War
Gundam MS War
Duel Masters
we alternated between the 5 of them
when we got bored of Yugioh MTG and Cardfight Vanguard


HELLO!! Are you finding everything ok?
Camping with my friends. The scenery was so neat! Giant ancient trees that people prayed to, a rolling prairie with 1000's of fireflies at night, a semi-natural cliff path made of rocks, and a river down a small hill from our tent that made great pink-noise for sleeping. A lot of sweet memories were made that summer vaca.