Do you have special interests or favorite things in life?


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mine are Mario, Videogames, Cartoons, Friendship, Exploration, Food, Shopping, Dreaming, Fantasy, and Science.
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I like drawing, creating concepts, and if we're talking games, well I like Mario, Zelda and Fire Emblem.


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Gaming, programming, and eating (yes, you read that right) are my main hobbies...and also counting my money every couple days to see if I magically earned more of it.


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I've gotten really into food reviews and cooking stuff, beyond what I do for The 'Shroom. It's something I've genuinely found passion and enjoyment in, which is something I've been struggling to find, and I don't think even ending my section would take that away from me. I will still try new stuff and seek out things, it's fun and cool and unique and exciting, I feel knowledgeable and like I have a lot of info that not everyone may know at my disposal. It's a creative outlet that I can exercise my critiquing skills and processing things in a fair, informative, and balanced way.

Read my reviews, too, please.

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I'm obviously a huge fan of the Mario franchise.
For my other interests refer to the bottom of my Mario wiki page (I go by MiracleDinner there as well.)