Super Smash Flash 2

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

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I prefer Super Smash Bros. Crusade myself, mostly because I can do 6 player smashes and also I was in the process of drawing a custom playable fighter.


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This game has always interested me b/c playable Bandana Dee (with a unique moveset!), but I've never gotten around to it because I have no real PC controllers other than the dreaded keyboard, not to mention that I share it with two of my siblings so I don't get all that much time on it.

Guess I'll just settle for my Bandana Dee skin mod over Kirby in Smash Wii U for now.

Baby Luigi Rescuing Mario

*insert Shakira music here*
No playing with a keyboard in a fighting game sucks really badly. You will like a controller much more once you play with it.


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Playing with a keyboard is doable, it just requires A LOT of time getting used to, at least from my experience. Dashing is another input. Smashing requires another input. Jump is mapped to another key.

I tried playing with a controller but it feels off, and inputs don't read very well at all. I had more responsive controllers in Smash Crusade.