YFJ's Tips & Tricks - The Great 150!


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You might remember me as the writer of Tips and Tricks, a level analysis section in Strategy Wing I wrote for a little while before relegating to a volunteer basis. I haven't sent in any sections since, but it still held a special place in my heart. But 150 is a special occasion, and as such I'd like to celebrate it with a grand comeback of my signature section.

Additionally, as additional means to commemorate this special milestone and because I'm not creative and have to feed off of other users' ideas I figured I'd let you all decide the focus for my next section. Choose any Mario-series level, any at all, and whichever one the majority agrees upon I'll make the focus of my next section. Some levels I've done in the past include Pendulum Castle from NSMBU, Freezeflame Galaxy from Mario Galaxy, Dark Bloo Inn from Color Splash, and even level 1-4 from Super Mario Tennis. Anything goes!

I'm eager to see what you all have in mind, and I'm very much looking forward to my section's grand return!

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Chocolate Island 2 from Super Mario World. I think that an in-depth analysis of the mechanics in that stage would be informative and pretty great. It's probably one of the most unique levels in Mario's arsenal.


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Bowser's Kingdom from Super Mario Odyssey. It is, in my opinion, the best Bowser's Castle level in the mainline Mario titles.