My favorite Sonic game


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Sonic Mania Plus
Because it has better zones than any other SONIC game. Encore Mode too... You can play as DegaSonic characters.... Ray and Mighty.



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i always liked sonic adventure a lot more than sonic adventure 2. the fact that sa2 consolidates every playstyle into two stories rather than having each playstyle be it's own campaign i think hurt it a lot because the levels that weren't sonic/shadow were mostly just not fun. idk why i never got into them as much because i actually liked the knuckles and gamma levels in sa1. i also really missed the hub world from sa1, i love games where you have an area where you can just fuck around. in a way even though the gameplay is a lot more open i think the fact that mario odyssey doesn't have something like that is part of why it feels less "organic", especially compared to mario sunshine which has the best hub world of any 3d platformer that i've played, and actually the only one in a mario game where there's as much to do as there is in sonic adventure 1's hub. another commonality between sonic adventure 1 and mario sunshine is that they both heavily feature water, which is cool

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Bandana Waddle Dee said:
If someone says Sonic 06...
sonic 06 is best sonic game
...You just watched videos.
You're actually right, and I haven't even watched much, at that. I don't actually like the game, although I have at least somewhat wanted to try the game just to fully understand Sonic's negative reputation. Maybe someday. (although I have played the almost-as-infamous Rise of Lyric and I can attest to how bad it is)

In all seriousness though, Sonic Mania is my favorite Sonic game.


"Always gotta do the right thing!"


"Always gotta do the right thing!"
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My favorite would probably be Adventure or Unleashed (Xbox 360/PS3 Version), although I love Mania a lot as well.