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Official Rules & Guidelines
« on: March 30, 2008, 02:43:33 PM »
Welcome to the Super Mario Boards! The rules are as follows:

General Rules
  • Do not minimod! If you see somebody or something violating the rules, REPORT IT. If no action appears to be have been taken, it is possible that the moderation team judged that no rule-breaking occurred or they contacted the offender privately. If you are unsure if the situation has been dealt with or not, feel free to PM an administrator or moderator. However, please do not report something multiple times, or spam reports from many different threads: This will be punished with a warning.
  • Do not create multiple accounts for yourself. Once you have registered an account, you must use that account only. If you wish to have a different display name, you can ask a forum moderator to change it for you. If you are unable to log into your account, (ex: because you lost your password), DO NOT create another account. Simply contact a forum Administrator on their corresponding wiki talk page. We will reset your password, then email it to you.
  • If you have an account on the Super Mario Wiki, your username (the name you use to login with) must match your name on the wiki. Your display name, however, may be different. If you do not have an account on the wiki, your username may be changed once every year (consistent with the rule on the wiki). If your username does not match your name on the wiki, please contact porplemontage to have it changed. You must have an accurate email address on your account to have your username changed because your password will be reset and emailed to you.
  • Use proper grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation when posting. The only exception is if English is not your first language, in which case this rule will be more lenient.
  • Do not derail threads, i.e go off-topic for more than 3-4 posts. An example of going off-topic is debating Capitalism vs. Communism (believe it or not, a big problem here) in a topic about the new Presidential election. Additionally, posts that are completely irrelevant to a topic, (ex: posting "I like frogs" in a topic about 'The Rolling Stones') will be deleted; said poster will receive a warning.
  • No spamming. Spam will be defined as:
    • Making one word posts that add nothing to the overall conversation.
    • Quoting a post and then reposting it without adding anything.
    • Pointless and inane conversations between two users with no actual content value.
  • No double posting within 3 days. If somebody hasn't posted after your post and you need to add something, simply edit your existing post. This only applies if it wasn't because of lag. Double-posting is, however, allowed when adding to project or news threads (but try to edit instead if possible).
  • Show respect towards EVERYONE, no matter who they are, including people who are not members of the forum. Do not insult, belittle, flame, or harass people, and don't bait them into flaming you. Don't be a troll. No racial slurs or any type of prejudicial comments. Just as well, do not use your religious beliefs, or lack thereof, to demean or elevate yourself above other individuals or groups that may not share your views. This does NOT include civil discussion of religious subjects when it is generally appropriate and expected.
  • In addition to the harassment rule, there is to be no posting of user's personal information without their consent. This includes, but is not limited to, their name, telephone number, address, medical conditions, et cetera. This does not apply to information that the user has already made publicly available.
  • No requesting, sharing of or linking to illegal wares (such as ROMs, or certain mp3s). If you are unsure of whether a piece of content is illegal or not, PM an administrator or moderator; said Administrator will tell you if it is okay to post it.
  • Absolutely no inappropriate content such nude images, pornography, gore, etc. This includes discussion of said content, including your fetishes.
  • Posting advertising threads is not allowed, unless permission is given by a staff member. However, advertising links in signatures are allowed.
  • No trollfeeding. This includes openly praising a troll, trying to "fight back" against a troll, accusing people of being trolls, and similar actions. If you see someone post rule-breaking content, report it.
  • No enormous quote blocks. Large quote blocks can cause certain members' computers to run poorly, and it puts stress on the server. Trim down the quote block, or make a post without quoting if you wish to continue a conversation with a growing quote block.
  • Multiple high resolution images or embedded videos existing on a single page should be placed in spoilers to avoid negatively affecting the performance of other member's computers.
  • Do not create a new topic for subject(s) which you know already have an existing topic. You may bump an old topic, but only if you have something relevant to say or contribute. Posting information irrelevant to the topic or replying to an old quote will be considered spam. As well, do not cause a riot if a user has bumped or created a thread if the said user has something relevant to say. If the user has made a post in an old topic that violates this rule, simply report it to the moderators.
  • Do not ask for likes.
NOTE: Rules that are blue in color are permissive to the 'Mindless Junk' sub-board of the forums. Nonetheless it is encouraged that posts pertaining these rules are made within reason, as a constant disregard for the rules may be met with the appropriate punishment.
NOTE: Rules that are green in color are not applicable to the Fan Creations sub-board of the forums.

Warning System
  • An infraction of the rules warrants a warning.
  • Being warned more than once warrants a tempban.
  • Being tempbanned multiple times is grounds for consideration to be permabanned.
  • An infraction of the rules, if severe enough, can warrant a tempban in it's own right, or even a permaban, especially if it deals with pornographic images or illegal content.
Signature and Avatar Rules
  • Signatures should be no larger than 600x200px in size. If you have an image in your sig larger than this, it will be resized by a Global Moderator to where it meets our rules. You can, however, do this yourself by using the code: [img width=600 height=200][/img]
    You can, of course, change the height and width variables to your liking, so long as they do not break the rules.
  • Images that contain gore or pornographic content will not be allowed. If we find out that you have an image in your signature or avatar that violates this rule, said image will be removed, and you will face a ban that lasts for a minimum of 2 weeks.
  • Content put in your signature, custom title, or personal text that violates any of the general rules will result in said content being removed, and you receiving a warning or a ban, depending on the severity of the offense.
Name Change Rules
  • Users are allowed to ask for a display name change once every month, either by requesting one in the Official Name Change Request Thread or by sending a personal message to a Global Moderator.
  • Name changes consisting of highly controversial people or events will be ignored (i.e. Stalin, Hitler, etc)
  • Any name changes involving the use of racial slurs or derogatory terms will be ignored and a warning will be issued. No exceptions.
  • Name changes consisting of male or female genitalia will be ignored and a warning will be issued. Some exceptions may apply.
  • Name changes cannot be requested in advance, and requests in advance will be ignored unless you submit them again when the time limit is up.

Thank you and enjoy your time here on our forum. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Global Moderator, or bring it up in the HelpDesk.
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Re: Official Rules & Guidelines
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For continued reading, check out the forum FAQ and our privacy policy.
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