Praise a character that the above user likes

Ulfric Stormcloak

Bass singer extraordinaire.
Bowser is a good guy

Flora from FE Fates.


Always remembering Walkazo
Blue invented the best game ever.

The Dark Core

The kongs

The Dark Core


The Dark Core



Fiery bird with great firepower
Luigi is hilarious, no matter the game. And he has an awesome theme song in Charged

You Watanabe

Koops, King of Cowards.
There are a lot of best girls.

Even though me saying this right now doesn't mean all that much anymore, Peach is still the best Mario girl.

You Watanabe

Koops, King of Cowards.
Ralsei is a precious ball of floof.

And he heals. Jevil's screams were heard at that moment

Ran Mitake

Afterglow's Frontwoman
Awards Committee
Poll Committee
I still feel as though Unikitty was the best character in the first LEGO Movie.
17:27 PDT-I’m well aware that many of you don’t know which characters I like. I promise you, I'm working on that list right now.
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