The server syndrome.


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So, a lot of people have this problem.

For some reason, a lot a people's server isn't working right now so they can't download the update.

With time and patience, I managed to get it to work. I don't know what I did.

I saw in a Twitter post that you can try removing the game card, deleting your software, putting back the cartridge and download the update to make it work.

I didn't use that method, but I fixed the problem with my Switch. So we can just talk about that problem. I mean who knows? It might happen again someday...


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These server crashes happen every time Nintendo launches a new game or update. It's just because millions of people are trying to download the same thing. Not good, but nothing new, either, so I don't know why it's a big deal now. It's been an issue since the eShop came into existence, but there isn't really a good fix for it. I usually wait another day, wait until I actually can download and avoid struggle.


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there's credence to the problem being server maintenance that was scheduled at the same time as the update

I remember 2.0.0 downloading with no issue whatsoever