Defining Moments of your favorite characters

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Not sure if I made this topic here, but it's usually one of my favorite topics to make on other websites, so here we go

What is one really cool moment that solidify your love for a character? For example, I love it whenever Mario and Luigi are happy to see each other after their reunited, or whenever Mario acts selflessly for the sake of being an hero.

For a more specific example, I think Doctor Doom is one of the world's greatest villains, he captured a man who has the ability to take over minds, amplified his powers so it's spread worldwide, boast and proved to the man that DOOM himself is immune to his powers because his will is so strong, took over the world, and gave it up because ruling the world bored him

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Using the Chain Chomp to plow through all of the other bastards while being little babies too young to drive in karts is one of the sole reasons I'm a Baby Luigi fan to this day.


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The most defining moment of Mario for me will have to be the original Paper Mario's final fight, where all hope seems lost and Peach and Twink give you the last bit of hope that Mario needs to defeat Bowser once and for all. It's truly a beautiful moment, and definitely what I think of when I think of my favorite character in Mario, the main man himself.

Susie McCallister

I'm the prettiest girl who ever talked to you
With a lot of talk of Penelope lately from me, feels like I should bring up the defining short of Carrotblanca, so far, this is the only time she talked beyond "le mew" and "le purr", we get insight on her, she is a shy girl with class, she is friendly and loyal, however, she doesn't take abuse, with that, I feel like really admiring her

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Luigi... Tbh, this guy's got a series for himself and he just knows how to use it to express himself. Shoutouts to Mario for being his brother too, can't have one without the other. Best bois together.

Ike's got something strong going for him as well. Really, he's an all around nice guy but when he starts yelling at the Empress of Begnion, showing his convictions, but like, I really believe this is Ike's most powerful scene. True, it's a dumb move. But I can't help but to just look at him with a sense of respect after that. Just the nerve the guy has is enough to make me awe. There's also that speech he does before the final chapter too. That's a nice speech, although I liked Elincia's better.

Link... I just love it when he's goofing around. Skyward Sword Link being a prime example of the juicy goofiness. I like him normally, but seeing a Link just being plain stupid just always gets me.

Oh yeah I should talk about (FE) Fiora because once again, the title of best girl has a new donner, and she's sitting on that throne now. Although I love her as a character (she is a terrible big sister but that just endears her to me), the one true moment I knew I was gonna have a good time with her was when I tried using her in FE7 (Blazing Sword). I'll be covering that specific thing in the 'Shroom section I have when the time comes, but basically there's this well-known glitch that is not too hard to set up... I did it, and it gave me a busted weapon that I gave to Fiora, on that same first playthrough where I first used her.

I remember the crits. I remember every time I screamed FIORA happily on the screen. Lance-spinning is how you win a man's heart, ladies and gentlemen.

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Count Bleck - ending of Super Paper Mario
Rosalina - ending of Super Mario Galaxy
Dimentio - final boss of Super Paper Mario
Fawful - no particular favourites, but I liked every cutscene featuring him
Luvbi - ending of Ch7 of Super Paper Mario, as well as revisiting her post-game.
TEC-XX - ending of Chs 6 & 7 of TTYD, as well as revisiting him post-game.
Mimi - Level 2-4 of SPM, argument with Peach in 8-2, fight in 6-2.
Francis - Swoon.exe moment.
Bowser - Ending of Bowser's Inside Story
Luigi - confrontation with Dimentio in 8-3 of Super Paper Mario.

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For Bowser Jr. - at the end of Bowser Jr.'s Journey, he's asked whether or not he's evil. I put his response in my signature because I love it so much.
For Bowser - MiracleDinner beat me to it. "You're saying the kingdom will vanish? NOT TODAY! THIS KINGDOM IS ALL MINE! SO YOU VANISH!" That quote gets me every time. Bowser is awesome throughout the entirety of Bowser's Inside Story, but he's at his peak at that moment.

I like BIS a lot if you can't tell.

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I like BIS a lot if you can't tell.
I absolutely agree.
Bowser's Inside Story is my third favourite video game. It is by far my favorite which I own on a handheld console, my second favourite handheld being NSMBDS which I like much much less. There is Superstar Saga, which was originally on the GBA, but I only own that on the Wii U. There is Minecraft, which has been on the New 3DS, but I don't own that either. LIJ2 was also on the DS, but I don't own that either. As far as VGs which I can play on a handheld console, BIS stands far above the rest.

Unless I hacked my 3DS to install Dolphin and play SPM or TTYD and accepted terrible fps because the 3DS has less power than the GC plus the horsepower needed to emulate the system
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