Captain Toad: TreasureTracker - Special Episode launch discussion.


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DLC episode just came out today. Haven't been able to get my hands on it just yet, but I'm gonna get it soon. Any of you guys gotten it? Tell us about it if you have!


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Oh I'm sure some spoiler filled thumbnail will tell us all about it before long.

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It looks cool. I kinda wish that it was released for Wii U and 3DS as well, owners of those versions (like me).


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I kind of already guessed that the DLC is Switch exclusive when not only did Nintendo revealed that their Direct is Switch-exclusive, but the 3DS version did not get a mention at all. I kind of felt that the 3DS version is the version that got the raw end of the deal, because some of its levels are compromised (some have different objectives from the Wii U version) and now DLC is not made for it. At least the Wii U version released earlier and had the 3D World levels, and the Switch is the ultimate version. I imagine if Captain Toad were to get a re-release this year, there will not be a 3DS version at all. I suppose 3D is the best reason to get the 3DS version at this point.

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I played it a while ago. The new levels like Goomba Galleon are fantastic, and so are most of the remixes, but the Boo-Spotting stages are real bad. They drag on, they're repetitive, and even worse, the Shy Guy Heights one has 2 Toads in areas that are clearly made for one player, so it just feels cramped and horrible. I don't wanna spoil but they did make a fun version of arguably one of the worst stages in the franchise, so thats an acheivement I guess.


Didn't say it here yet, but I purchased it a few weeks ago.

Didn't finish it yet, but so far it's pretty good. However, I was playing in single player, and it looks like it was made for co-op.

Next time I'll play it in co-op mode.