Good things that happened to you in 2018


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Things aren't all bad, here is the topic to remember the good stuff, post any wonderful event that happened in 2018.

I gained a lot more friends and was able to return to the slice of life writing that I set out to write in the first place, before it was derailed by someone with really complicated lore, I was able to introduce my favorite characters in character with no gimmicks, it makes me happy

Doctor Healmore

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-I got my first Kirby game
-I applied for my first job (hopefully I'll be hired in a few weeks)
-I ate a lot and gained weight

Those are the big ones, and I'm proud of all of them...especially that last one.


Tiny Immortal Bird
I can't really think of too many substantial things that has occurred this year, it's pretty much the same status quo as it was back at the start of January 2018.

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I did well in my GCSEs and got promoted to a patroller, I think those are the two biggest things.
I got an almost perfect grade on my research paper despite the fact that I basically rewrote (teensy bit exaggeration) the day it was due.
That was a surprise.

Also, Smash Ultimate. ;D


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I fell in love with my boyfriend, I set a personal best at bowling a couple weeks ago, I met two of my online friends in real life, and that's all I can remember.

George Jones

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*Had a epic birthday
*Had an awesome Thanksgiving
*Got everything on my Christmas list
*Had and epic Christmas
*Got a TON of George Jones Albums
*Inherited a family heirloom, a ring.
*Got a guitar
*Got a TON of games, mostly for the Switch
*Got an extremely rare album which is Treasury of Memories by J. D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet


-For the first time in my life, I went on a trip to another country without my parents. It was a class trip, but it was so much fun!
-I got a lot of games such as: Kirby Star Allies, Sonic Mania, Super Mario Party, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and a lot more.
-I did some video for a class project, which might be my first step to being a YouTuber in case I'll be one someday.