Smash Bros. Character Merit (Ultimate Edition)


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Genealogy needs a remake first tho

Time to see that sweet Lewyn X Ferry recruitment in HD


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Now that we’re moving on to another pass. I thought I’d give an update on the prospects of characters I’ve covered in the past. I’m not going to cover every name I’ve done in the past. Just ones that have some sort of update after we have some data after having seen the end of the first past.

BESTHESDA REP (Dragonborn, Doomguy, etc.)

Probably still on the Table though a recent interview has put some doubt on the prospects for Doomguy in particular. Still, at the very least we can’t rule out something like Skyrim for example being one of these 6.


A very strong possibility. Crash is in a full rebirth as the success of the N. Sane Trilogy and CTR Nitro Fueled has brought Crash back into his best years since the PS1 era. And given Nintendo has sort of crossover with Crash before via Skylanders, Crash’s Smash Bros. prospects could barely be any higher. In fact… if a certain rumor going on right now turns out true…

…Supposedly Crash may even be our first character of the 2nd pass. A supposed Twitter leaker by the name of MandyCanNot who might of gotten Byleth being the last fighter of the first pass as well as saying there is no reveal at the Game Awards has not only just claimed Crash is #6 once. But doubled down on it multiple times. Pretty much literally staking their reputation on the Bandicoot being next. I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, especially as someone who dearly wants Crash myself. But even if it’s not true, then we just get someone to be mad about briefly before Crash still has a decent chance at some of the other spots in the pass. There is some concerns about Mandy, like before they changed it the location said “Vergeben Sucks” which would indicate some sort of troll behavior and there’s always the possibility that they put their twitter private in October made a few predictions and deleted all the ones that were wrong. Granted, not sure that explains knowing the Game Awards not having the reveal when that’s what most expected. And even going back to Byleth. You would think all of the predictions were going to point towards a 3rd party, still possibly they had a few 1st party characters as a just in case measure but it’s still rather bold at that point.

Though hypothetically let’s say Crash is indeed next. How long do we wait? Will they go a Cloud route and have him announced at the end of a random direct whether that’s this month, March, or April?. Or is Crash big enough to save for E3 should they make us wait that long to see the first character. Either way, Crash probably has more eyes on them then any other character right now. Time will tell if the Smash party has been Crashed.


There actually is somewhat of an update on Sora in Smash stuff. A recent interview with Imran (A very noted insider) has mentioned that Nintendo has tried contacting Disney for Sora as far back as Smash 4 DLC and/or Smash Ultimate’s base roster. However it seems they were given a No at the time. Now that can be seen either one of two ways, either that puts severe doubt on Sora ever coming to Smash if they stonewall even to now. Or perhaps if Sora is in Pass 2, a change of mind has come since then. Though I wonder something, was Cloud perhaps a back-up plan after Sora had fallen through given both were Square Enix related characters? Either way, Sora still has Disney as his biggest obstacle. If Sakurai has found a way in between the end of Pass 1 and now, I’m certain we’ll see Sora at either of the two E3’s that will pass before it’s all over.


If Sega gets yet another character in this pass, she’ll probably be a strong possibility. Thought I can’t help but think she could end up being a Mii costume given any sort of characters can appear in the showcases whether they’re related to the character or not. Maybe at the very least she’ll come with a remixed Puyo song?


I feel the Rabbids and the Altair costume kinda gives a big oof in Rayman’s chances to get upgraded from the Spirit. As those would of been perfect if he is ever planned to be a character. It’s odd with how co-operative Ubisoft is with this game but just isn’t allowed a playable character.


I’m still among the believers that he’s the only current Assist Trophy that has a shot of being upgraded within the same game (Barring if Echo DLC ever becomes a thing. I see you, Shadow). Again, the coverage of Waluigi was BIG in the first initial information for Ultimate. Remember how Reggie made mention of it shortly after and mainstream media even covering it at points. You can’t deny that it’s something Nintendo didn’t pay attention to and probably nudge Sakurai about at some point. People may discount Waluigi as a meme and/or giving what the shitposters on Twitter wanted. But at this point, Waluigi is one of those characters that Nintendo knows could provide a wild reaction and probably be damn profitable. If we get a 1st party that isn’t a promotional character like Byleth was, I feel like Waluigi got the push at just the right time to possibly be his cheating self and somehow get in despite being an AT to at least be a possibility. I’m not going to say Waluigi is certain by any stretch, but I’m keeping an open mind here.


I’m not sure how to feel about Rex. It feels like at one point Sakurai really wanted him at one point but the Fighter’s Pass development just came too late. Could he have a shot for this new pass now? Maybe, but the fact Byleth got in first despite being an even newer game then Xenoblade 2 has to feel like it hurts. I’ll say Rex is a possibility, but Byleth will always come to mind as a bit of an OOF for Rex’s shots.


Now I said before that I may be more surprised then not that Geno makes it. But the way Mii Costumes have appeared and the way the Smash 4 Mii Costumes have slowly returned over time. May have put a sour note on this. I’m certain we will get some sort of Geno content announced in the future. But it’s either a fully playable Geno as one of the fighters in the pass, or probably a premium Mii costume like Sans and Cuphead that might cover the Mii head more and comes with a remix of Beware the Forest’s Mushroom. Now that any company’s Mii Fighers can show up for any fighter, if each following character isn’t Geno. There will always be that sense of dread for Geno fans that the costume comes up in the presentation for the next character. We’ll know Nintendo is cruel if they save the Geno costume… for anytime next year. If Geno is still a costume, I’m sure most Geno fans would rather have the band-aid ripped off now with the first character. 2-3 Mii costumes from Smash 4 have returned in every pack, so Geno fans are going to be walking on thin ice for a while.


If Microsoft opts for another character after they already gave away Banjo, they might go with Minecraft coming in the 6. Though I wonder if perhaps they’d rather salivate at the chance to place a certain famous armored FPS hero under their ownership that’s always been seen as a pipe dream for Smash for shock factor at E3. And move Steve more towards the premium Mii costume slot. Could easily see them have a block head and use the diamond sword over a mii sword fighter’s sword


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Alright, things have settled down a bit when I've been Animal Cross-ing and there's been time to think over the mini direct at the end of last month. So I'll get the one request for merit/chance rating and then go cover something about what we got (Even if we didn't get a specific character for the first time, only the series)

Re: Smash Bros Character Merit. ( Switch Edition )
I know I'm a little late to this, but, how about Garchomp?

My Level of Want

Garchomp seems to be one of the more standout popular pokemon of Generation IV. Though this is when I have to remind you all that I'm one of those ol' fogies regarding Pokemon that could probably tell you almost anything about the first 2 generations of Pokemon by heart but then knowledge starts to drop off halfway or anytime after the 3rd generation of Pokemon. So hypothetically if Garchomp did make it, it'd really get nothing more then a shrug of "Ok, another pokemon. That's cool". Garchomp certainly looks like he has an appealing cool design that could fit in Smash easily. That said, the chance ranking probably isn't going to care because...

Estimated Chance

As with any Pokemon that didn't make it into Smash when their generation was the new hot thing, it's very doubtful to see happen unless somehow a Pokemon was particularly so popular that they're demanded in the game. You basically have to reach the outcry for Mewtwo in Smash 4 prior to DLC being announced. And part of what helped him was he was previously playable in Melee. It's even harder to suggest an outright old Pokemon that was never previously playable in Smash from making it in. So in some ways you somehow have to push a pokemon EVEN HARDER then those who wanted Mewtwo to return. And that's not an easy task. Another roadblock is we already have had a Gen 4 Pokemon in Lucario, because if I were to think a Pokemon from an old generation got in it's because their generation never got a Rep. Like if they weren't Pokeball'd Gardevoir and Zoroark would be up there as possibilities. But as is, if a Pokemon is included in this 2nd fighter's pass, it's going to be a Sword and Shield rep. In fact after we saw the way Three Houses got something I'd even say it's probably one of the more likely things to happen, The only question is when. Though probably at least not at the digital event on E3 (...Or well what would of been E3 had not Covid cancelled all social events) as I imagine we'll get a 3rd party then. At least there's always Pokken Tournament for Garchomp?

Ok now, time to talk a bit on what we got from the mini event. To my dismay, despite tripling down on the suggestion. Crash Bandicoot was not Fighter Pass 6, so as such MandyCanNot was wrong. Crash is still a strong possibility should we get a 3rd party or even more then one 3rd party again. But I suppose this was one of those cases where it was just too good to be true. While he did delete this part of his twitter profile, at one point it said "Vergeben sucks" well he at least got more then one character correct. and his bold claims more often then not came true (Aside from well, Minecraft Content but I digress)

Though perhaps what is a little more surprising this time we didn't exactly get a singular character announcement. We only were told who the series was from. And it caught people off guard since it was a series we thought was dead in terms of Smash chances ever since Spring Man was shown as an Assist. We're getting an Arms character. I'm not going to cover every single Arms character that was on the screen. Because despite showing a decent sized roster. I think there are really only 4 possibilities here. If the Arms character is none of these 4 I will be stunned but it would at least be some intriguing drama surrounding it since I do gotta be honest in saying this is a character I'm not entirely that hyped for. Though it should make for a fun moveset in Smash nonetheless no matter what. But anyway, here are the four Arms characters I think have the strongest possibility of joining Smash


She's supposedly not only a fan favorite of the cast but a personal favorite of the game's creator and also happened to be a character that won in the final of a tournament of some kind spotted on Nintendo Vs. So for now she may very well be the favorite to be the Arms Rep. She would be the first to break the no Spirits rule though it'd probably be more so a clarification that the spirits only applied to the first pass which may make it a fitting way to start things off by making the pool suddenly alot larger. Though there is also a scenario, where the Arms character could codify the no spirits rule even further dooming off the rest and that's who I'm talking about next...


He is one of the few character from Arms that did not get a spirit which means it may very well be Min-Min Vs. Helix who are right now behind the scenes over whether Spirits still matter heading into the 2nd pass. Though aside from that, Helix is a very gooey creature that could of gotten Sakurai's interest for some truly unique fighter feats. I'm still giving the edge to Min-Min at the moment, as heck Helix's spirit may have been saved for the Arms spirit board. But if Spirits still matter and Sakurai sees more potential in a gooey fighter over another humanoid. There's a possibility there.


She's already been Mii Costume'd but if Assist Trophies are still a big no-no on upgrading. Ribbon Girl is kind of the secondary face of the franchise next to Spring Man who maybe are given another look. Contrary to popular belief she's not exactly an echo of Spring Man though it's conceivable that had Spring Man got in Base Game he'd borrow some abilities from Ribbon Girl just so 4 of his alts could be Ribbon Girl. She's kind of less favored amongst the female cast of the game but if they must have someone who's been more of a face of a franchise and not an Assist. Then Ribbon Girl could be it.


That's right, despite being an assist he's still along the possibilities literally only because he kind of was made the face of Arms. While I am on the side that if they were going to use Spring Man they would of just revealed him right away since he'd be the obvious choice. But I wouldn't put it past Nintendo to drive hype only for a bit of a more obvious or somewhat deflating hype. We got an announcement for the final character of the fighter pass and were told we'd get the information on them immediately after. And it turned out to be another Fire Emblem character. So I wouldn't put it past them just yet. That said, the Assist Trophy thing still will be a bit of an obstacle but if it is Spring Man? I think we may as well already give Waluigi his congratulations at some point. Spring Man being the first despite being assist trophies would mean all bets are off and that may just be what Nintendo and Sakurai want for the rest of this pass, utter madness as Assists are now upgradable within the same game as DLC. Waluigi fans going crazy whether or not Waluigi actually does get in later. It's the kind of madness maybe Nintendo would want for some free PR. So while technically it'd be the more boring pick Arms-wise. Speculation-wise it'd be a madhouse.


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Congratulations to our newest fighter from ARMS: Min Min! This is what most people were hoping to be the fighter from Arms it seemed like, should be nice to have a more relatively peaceful new character reaction compared to how divisive Byleth was last time. Though I should probably a say a bit of a correction from my last post. When I said I thought there were only 4 possibilities even if the one I predicted would be the choice did in fact make it I actually thought there were more ARMS spirits in the base game then there actually were. So I was wrong to say Helix was like the only choice should it have not been Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, or Min-Min. Heck Sakurai did in fact give a 2nd choice in Ninjara. But let's get to my Min-Min thoughts


This probably isn't going to be long in terms of talking about the character since I do gotta admit I don't have any personal attachment to the ARMS game. I've played a Demo and decided the game really wasn't for me personally but it was a new IP that was among the possibilities for new content for this game. We just got it alot later then we thought it would. Though it's fairly possible that had ARMS got a character in Base Game it might of been Spring Man. Who remains in the Assist Trophy corner. Min-Min's a pretty good designed character though and seems to not only be the fan favorite but the favorite of the developer(/s). She looks like she'll have some interesting gimmicks once she is playable in a week from now.

For Merit rankings, I'm going to put her below Terry being a pretty new character but probably above Incineroar just for being a character from a new IP and more varying moveset.


#1. Banjo-Kazooie
#2. Ridley
#3. King K. Rool
#4. The Hero
#5. Simon Belmont
#6. Isabelle
#7. Inklings
#8. Terry Bogard
#9. Min-Min
#10. Incineroar
#11. Byleth
#12. Joker


#1. Ken
#2. Dark Samus
#3. Chrom
#4. Daisy
#5. Richter Belmont


#Spaghetti. Piranha Plant


With Min-Min settled we must also talk about what her inclusion means for this pass. Min-Min was previously a spirit in the base game. Meaning many characters that are currently spirits and not assist trophies or mii costumes are back on the table. But tread cautiously, with only 5 spots we don't know if there will even be another spirit upgrade cause you still have to consider Nintendo finding it more profitable to get more different IPs in, ARMS is after all still a new universe. But for now here's a list of characters I've covered that at least for now get a 2nd chance after Min-Min has found her way in:

Chorus Kids
Dixie Kong
Paper Mario
Captain Toad
Dr. Eggman
Bandana Dee

Characters that are mii costumes (Especially paid costumes) and Assist Trophies are probably still not on the table. Only possible exceptions could be Rex and Waluigi. Rex who's Sakurai basically apologized for not being able to include and Waluigi who's AT deconfirmation got one of the largest reactions ever. There's plenty of other spirits from the base game that got a boost in potential chances but we musn't forget to keep in mind potential characters that are not represented at all.

Though perhaps one character got some doubt about them because their company put in a Mii costume in first. We got Vault Boy from Fallout as a mii costume this time and Fallout is from Bethesda who's also responsible for Doom. While I'm not going to say it's impossible for Bethesda to get a character later it will seem weird to announce their presence first with a mii costume rather then a character. So it's possible Doomguy may be among the fallen.
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