Luigi's Balloon World Codes


Donkey Kong
Share codes for your hidden balloons here.

Here are all of mine so far.

Peach's Castle: 004 G88 1J2
Tostarena: 005 0VV 63W
Steam Gardens: 001 Y30 X47
Metro Kingdom: 008 RGV 66F

Bowser's Kingdom: 004 DLF 0HX

Wooded Kingdom: 001 50V VF0
mush: 001 NFP Y89
cap; 004 6LF C21
trex; 000 J92 F6N
sand; 008 7P6 TB7
lake; 006 NTN F1W
wood; 003 BBL C74
lost; 003 YTD LKK
scooter; 004 N8K B74
sea; 001 0YB KTD
snow; 003 PYM HMB
snacks; 008 NCL 3CD
bows; 006 0BG PT3
moon; 004 HD3 66V

they all got popped and i got so many coins that i hit the cap before getting the promotion coins so that was kind of a waste
Musroom Kingdom: 002 PDM JMV
Cap Kingdom: 002 NFD F27
Cascade: 005 GFC 6TY
Sand: 003 DXL W7L
Lake:004 R06 LGX
Wooded:008 W0M 9LX
Lost:001 5JT 2GS
Metro:005 7L1 DK2
Seaside:002 4VM WR9
Snow:004 GSH 3SY
Luncheon:005 M9T 9J5
Bowser's:002 Y8R C1P
Moon:000 TTH 71W
Hey I'll be posting in this thread some other day, because I just started Balloon World today.
Metro Kingdom: 00T 5P1 XL0 (Good luck! :bowser:)
Mushroom Kingdom: 00M 5KW 85G
Cap Kingdom: 00P JWT GVK
Seaside Kingdom: 00L WTP 012
Moon Kingdom: 00V 32H 28H
(7) Yoshi = 01T 0GD TX2
(9) Cap = 01P 6TY 4GV
(1) Dino = 01T YV8 GT8
(5) Sand = 01M F44 4FH
(9) Water = 01R XJP Y40
(9) Tree = 01V DH6 K1D
(2) Lost = 01R DY0 JDH
(4) Scooter = 01N 4L1 J6X
(9) Brrr = 01W 501 9W0
(3) Sea = 01P 8R7 KMM
(9) Lunch = 01P Y94 V6M
(6) Bowser = 01P 8RL 96R
(8) Cheese = 01T R06 KV5
Please tell me if any of these codes are outdated or wrong. Thanks🙂

Note:The numbers before each kingdom name are the ones I do the most in order.
Please try mine I don't get alot

Mushroom: 02Y 0N3 W7P
Sand (HARD): 02X NJL R1C
Metro (VERY HARD:boo:): 02Y 2LR XN3