shiny pokemon

do you find shiny pokemon?

  • yes

    Votes: 26 44.8%
  • no

    Votes: 7 12.1%
  • I don't have one

    Votes: 5 8.6%
  • cornflakes

    Votes: 20 34.5%

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The Red Gyarados, a shiny Starly when I JUST started Platinum.
My sister got a shiny in nearly every game she played.

Sapphire: Wingull
LeafGreen: Fearow
Pearl: Weezing

She found a shiny Tentacool, but didn't catch them.

I also got (or encountered) a few shinies myself.

Ruby:Zizagoon (didn't catch it, though. Thought the game was messed up)
FireRed: Magnemite
SoulSilver: Seaking (but I killed it because I don't have any spare Poke balls), Raticate.
One of my classmates, whenever her friends who have never played pokemon, they somehow find shiny pokemon
I have a shiny magikarp.

Yep my only and first shiny was a mother fucking Magikarp.

I got it a few years ago in some game.

(Plus the Gyrados but i don't count that one)
Besides all the events, I have a Shiny Ursaring on my soul silver file.

I saw two shinies in Platinum, but I couldn't catch them (I remember one shiny was in the Safari Zone)
The only shiny I have is the Red Gyrados from the Lake of Rage in HeartGold. I've never seen a shiny other than that.
Crackin355 said:
Well, FUCK! I saw a shiny Spearow, used a fighting move because it's inneffective and I got a critical.
critical hits are trolls.
Fassad said:
I just caught a shiny Duosion in Pokemon White right now. I am speechless.
lucky bastard.
well at least you gt youself a blue/purple reuniclus!
My only shiny is my purple/green dragonite.

I got it while trying to breed a Dratini with good EVs. And an event Shiny Pichu.
shiny golett, shiny mamoswine, shiny rattata, shiny caterpie (recieved through action replay, my only legitimate ones are swablu and pichu)
Juuust a black Ray-Q that was the prize of SRing about 5000 times.
Game Boy said:
I almost got a Pidgeyotto. But it used whirlwind so I couldn't catch it.
that's a shame.

I have a question.

does a roaming legend remain shiny even if it escapes?