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I thought this could be a good place to share your pursuits and future ambitions.

Because of my love of natural fibres and interest in clothing, recently I've been hoping to one day start an organic textiles company in Australia. However I'm in my first year of a nutrition and commerce degree, but I still want to finish that to set myself up with the agriculture and business knowledge (and if it doesn't turn out, I've got nutrition to fall back on).


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I think I've decided that I want to do something related to writing. Be it journalism, novelist, screenplay-writer, lyrical writer, or whatever else you can name, I'm uncertain of, but something with writing.

I also want to continue through with theatre. I'm not striving to be an actor, because becoming a well-supported actor is very hard, but whatever I can do with theatre, I want to contribute. Maybe act in a community theatre, or do tech for a school production.


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i got stuck being a programmer somehow so im rolling with it now. i never really had that as an amibition the opportunity just kinda was there and i was like why not

else i guess my main priorities are to get a girlfriend (yes laugh at me if you want, but im working on it), be nice to my friends and try to find users from here irl so i can bash them


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Why should I laugh at you, I could basically fail every single time I tried asking a girl out. It already happened times to me.

So anyway, despite what I said up there, I am not looking for a girlfriend right now, but I am though trying though to get more attention at school, I feel like I'm not that good at socializing, and I want to confront this.

Career-wise, I guess I am more inclined to engineering jobs, like mechanic or electronic engineering to be precise, but I might as well find myself in the world of programming and animating, because like the first time I saw what was actually hidden behind everything I was like wow.

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Finish uni with fluency in japanese, honors in earth science studies and a programming minor, look for postgrad programs who want science/languages (most likely defense related) take up professional translation (possibly interpretation). After that who knows; seismology is my draw, as well as geology so i can still fall back on those since japan/australia etc

my pipe dream is to be a video game localiser for real or even fan translator in my spare time if nothing works out with japanese professionally

also marry a guy eventually
preferably one who is good at splatoon and mario kart

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I want to be a professional 3D artist for video games. I'd like to go to Digipen the most since that's the to-go university for all video game matters but it's so far away and looks to be expensive >________>

My biggest goal right now is to achieve complete independence from parents as well as the above profession. Considering I already have a partner (my twin) and my sexuality/romantic affiliation that I want to definitely live with in the future, I'm fairly content with relationships right now.


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Baby Luigi said:
Considering I already have a partner (my twin) and my sexuality/romantic affiliation that I want to definitely live with in the future
am i reading this wrong or are you saying you're in a relationship with your sister

Dr. Baby Luigi

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I worded that badly and I was too lazy to fix.

What I meant to say that I'm not looking for a relationship, mostly because I have my twin sister, and also because of my sexuality (or rather lack of) and how I lack romantic feelings for anyone. My twin is pretty much the best partner I can have and the only partner that I really want, but I have no interest in going any further than that.


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My long-term goal, as far as professions go, is to become a developer for Nintendo, though that seems so far-off that it's almost not realistic. I've pretty much failed at every ambition I've taken on so far since graduating high school, though to be fair that's probably because my mindset wasn't right.

I'm considering having another go at college (last time didn't end well at all) but my only worry is that well, I'm not in high school anymore, college professors aren't as lenient and I won't have parents to make sure my homework is done. Plus the fact that I have barely studied any academics at all since pretty much 2012, when I finished my classes (though graduation ceremony was in 2013 since I finished a semester early). I'm pretty sure my academic skills have greatly declined in the past 5 years, evident that I misspelled "academic" both times so far and had to right click to get the right spelling.

But when I do finally get back on track to success, I'd also hope to afford a house or an apartment that isn't subsidized in a building with 99% elderly folk, and yes find a girlfriend/future wife. And own a pet, probably a cat.


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- Quit working my arse off to make other people rich, be an entrepreneur and do this wherever I go:

I've got two main business ideas right now, the first is a website for promoting women and non-binary people in eSports. The other is a game dev studio because I didn't get all this HECS debt for nothin. Also being able to force the office temperature to something higher than that of fucking Pluto would be a pleasant change.

- Pay off my HECS debt.
- Buy a house with backyard big enough for at least 50 rescue dogs.
- Fill that backyard with at least 50 rescue dogs
- Keep things good with my boyfriend
- Idk??? kids??? I'm the age Mum was when she started having kids and I'm just like I'm??Still???A???Kid??? Though being pregnant and going through labour sound like a terrible time, maybe I'll be a foster parent if I reeeeaaaaaaally want to see what the fuss is about but it's going to be hard to manage taking care of a kid when I have my multi-businesses and all my doggies. :v
- Be multi-lingual. Primarily Japanese. Italian second, then probably other Euro languages like Finnish, Swedish, German and Dutch.
- Win a Super Smash Bros. tournament. Like, any of them.
- Visit every continent
- Go to Mars

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Ideally, I'd like to go into music, or at least make it as a hobby.
A slighlty more realistic, and equally enjoyable, option is software development, working for a big ol' tech company.
Of course, the real dream is combining these two and making my own indie game with self-composed music, but this is heavily unrealisitic.


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Sidon said:
- Be multi-lingual. Primarily Japanese. Italian second, then probably other Euro languages like Finnish, Swedish, German and Dutch.
Japanese I can understand ;) but what interests you about learning Italian?


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K1-B0 said:
also marry a guy eventually
preferably one who is good at splatoon and mario kart
Haven't dabbled in Splatoon yet, but I could potentially kick your ass at Mario Kart ;)

In all seriousness, get a decent job in journalism, preferably print/web over broadcast, but I'm easy on that. Move to a better place than where I currently am. Get married, and hopefully have a family. But that last one is way off in the future.

Also, complete more games. I'm woeful at doing that :-\


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A thing I really wish is to be a Videogame Programmer, what a paradise! Create your own games and then play 'em, or maybe share 'em, or even sell 'em. The possibilities are endless, but, man, I'm very bad at programming :(. Maybe a while (a LOT) of practice can master my "abilities". A Role-Playing game may be my first try, but again, I need a LOT (a while) of practice. So, whatever :p


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i want to major in either physics or psychology. the former has always been a dream of mine, with using it to become an astrophysicist, while the latter will branch off into my love of helping others and it can also help me understand why i feel certain ways. after that, i kind of want to stay single and live with a dog and cat, but i wouldn't be opposed to having a lifelong partner.

right now though, i want to code my discord bot into something amazing and heighten my drawing skills while keeping up on my studies.
No major ambitions, no dreams. I live for that feeling when you wake up and check the clock, then realise you can go back to sleep because you have a couple of hours before you have to get out of bed.


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Just to be happy, and be with people who care for me.

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Things that I plan on doing in the next decade:

Join the military

Get married

Have children

Get my driver's license.

Those are my dreams for the future.


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My dream is to work with kindergarten students. I also want to teach at the school I used to work at. (I worked with 4th graders this past school year, now I will be teaching 2nd grade this upcoming school year.)

I want to lose weight, since I am now a fatty.