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Welcome to page 2 of this thread!

This month's It's aMAZEing features a Snow Bunny! The idea came up when it was literally snowing outside last week, despite it being about 22°C outside no more than three days earlier. It is also 26°C out today, so it was a weird day.
Anyway, bunny!

Check out the maze I this fellow into right here (The_%27Shroom:Issue_145/Fun_Stuff#It.27s_aMAZEing)!

This month also marks the start of a new season of Anniversary Announcements! Check it out here (The_%27Shroom:Issue_145/Pipe_Plaza#Anniversary_Announcements)!
No new things this year, and while Committee Interviews is not in this edition, it will appear in a few months! This is to let the newcomers adjust a bit before I bombard them with questions they can't yet answer. This is also why I interviewed veterans earlier than newer people last year.


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Yet another new month with a maze! This month we have a ? block, with the base figure below.

Check out the maze right here (The_%27Shroom:Issue_146/Fun_Stuff#It.27s_aMAZEing)!

Time for more behind the scenes stuff for this one! First of all, this drawing is lined out to a grid of 16×16 pixels, offset 8 pixels, with a few lines also on this 8 pixel grid. The maze itself is also mostly set to the larger grid, diagonal lines offset here and there too. This makes it very easy to make an even and pixel perfect maze.

Then there is the technique of setting out the paths. I used a new technique I first used last month, and only works if the entire area is already divided into little boxes. How nice, this thing is set on a grid, thus it has little boxes!

What I did is set out the right path through the boxes with red, and springing off those with a different colour all the side paths until no box is untouched.

The next thing that happens is just putting walls on all grid lines without a path. This technique also allows for easy setting out of dead ends, since it's easy to draw those a long distance before terminating them.

For reference, this is the grid and lines thing from last month's Snow Bunny:

Didn't do the same thing with the ears, as that was too small of an area to make it worth, also considering the weird shape.


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You probably noticed how It's aMAZEing didn't appear in Fun Stuff this month. This is because life hit pretty hard along the way. I'll spare you the details.

Fortunately though, I was able to squeeze in Anniversary Announcements near release, go read that here (The_%27Shroom:Issue_147/Pipe_Plaza#Anniversary_Announcements)!


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And we're back with another maze! This month we have the continuation of a thing going since 2017, namely a ball, with this time the dodgeball from Mario Sports Mix. Here is the figure:

Check out the maze itself right here (The_%27Shroom:Issue_148/Fun_Stuff#It.27s_aMAZEing)!

In other news, we have new Committee Interviews in Anniversary Announcements, in which I traditionally use sprites for the people saying stuff! I interviewed Hooded Pitohui and BBQ Turtle, but for the purposes of this thread only the latter's sprite is of interest, as for HP's I only modified the source slightly to fit the style better.
BBQ Turtle is a modification of a custom Daisy sprite found on the Spriters Resource. Of note here are is her hair, which is in a different style than Daisy's is, as well as the crown. Recoloured and modified to fit BBQ's hairdo and we have this:

BBQ Turtle

Read the article and interviews here! (The_%27Shroom:Issue_148/Pipe_Plaza#Anniversary_Announcements)


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I never posted a behind the scenes for Steamed Hams: The Presentation from last year's awards. Let's get those posted before we have new awards to get behind the scenes of.

The main story

With the main story I mean the connecting drawings in between the winning presentations. I wanted to stay true to the original Simpsons skit in style, which meant that I drew everything on paper.
Because I still can't just draw anything, I posed a bunch of 3D models and printed outlined versions of these.
You see that the two top left images are the same, but one was too dark to properly use, so all other ones are brightened before printing.

Then, using a drawing table with a light (although the actual light was broken, I used my phone's flash light instead), I traced the outlines with a pencil.
The backgrounds from inside the house I didn't trace from anything, I just used a ruler to draw the lines in logical places.

You may remember my treehouse from my presentation in 2016 (gosh that's three years ago now). I never did a BTS from that one, but here is the full render of the opening shot from there for orientation:

It, in turn, was based on this background I made for no apparent reason another year earlier.

Anyway, I then scanned the drawings, thresholded them and coloured them digitally. I blurred everything slightly, backgrounds moreso, to give a bit of a loss of quality by VHS effect, as well as a slight subtraction of contrast, although both effects are fairly subtle.

For the mugshots I used the more traditional method of creating vector drawings for each "speaking" role. For the mother role, I actually asked my mom what she would be represented as, and made a small drawing while discussing it, and then made the mugshot of that. I didn't just make any random mom Lakitu for that! It's a neat touch that makes it just a little more personalised.

The sprite comic

While I had a background of the 'ground' floor, I didn't have one of the first floor/attic. I had visions of that as well when I made the ground floor background, so I could make something suitable.
I did only make the portion visible for the comic though.

The banner

Not much going on here other than that I had to emulate Anton's style for this. Luckily he has a lot of drawings of himself in Dear Anton and other productions, and Dragon Problem features him in a style that already fits fairly well, so that was not too much of an issue.
I made the banner in Inkscape like the other vector drawings, then added a filter to it to slightly distord the lines for a more sketchy effect, which is another property of Anton's banners.

The Japan World Cup video

I just edited the pacing and added a slight echo to my voice recording, otherwise nothing spectacular here.

The Paper Mario segment

I can't tell much about the scene without duplicating what I already said in the behind the scenes of my original in 2017. I basically just edited the scene to resemble my treehouse.
I re-installed my laptop in the meantime, so I don't have 3DS Max installed anymore anyway. I'm also moving on to Blender going forward, so re-installing Max just for this post is not worth it.

I can however tell more about the sprites I made of Anton and me. I wanted to make higher quality sprites with more freedom of movement, so I made the sprites from scratch, or well, traced them from existing spritesheets. For this I made the body parts separate from each other, so it is easy to make new sprites.

As you can see I took a bit more freedom for mine. I don't particularly like the way Lakitu is sitting in his cloud in the original games, and instead prefer him sitting upright, so I did that. I would have expected them to upgrade Lakitu just like they improved on Dry Bones back in Sticker Star, but oh well.

Not pictured: the white outline. I added that separately before importing it into 3DS Max.

I think that was about all of it. Bit late, but better late than never! Hope you enjoyed!


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Welcome to another month of "oh shit I need to get a maze in by tomorrow while also working on three presentations I need something simple"! The result of that is of course a Megavitamin!

View the maze for this pill here!

Also, awards happened! I made three presentations:
C8 Best 'Shroom Section Design, a website with the top two laid out with design elements from them
M2 Favourite Mario Kart Game, an infographic with some features the top three games brought to the series
M14 Favourite Species, a modified version of the Chrome dino game revealing the results as the points go up

More in depth behind the scenes for these are to come later. For now I'm very happy with the fact that I did more than one presentation again this year.