Anton's Half-Baked Reviews

Issue 153 - December 2019 - Alternative Milks, Part 1: Silk, Publix, Califia Farms, SwellMilk, Totally Nuts!, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze

Hey food review fans, I'm getting closer and closer to seeing one of my largest review series come into fruition and would like some feelings towards how it should be done.

Cheese! 🧀

I have dozens and dozens of types I've tried, and this will honestly create over a year's worth of reviews if I spread them out in a way that's digestible and sensible without cutting content. I currently have it split into country/region, so like, France will probably create 2 or 3 full reviews, Italy will probably make 2, Germany, United States might make a couple, Spain, British, Nordic, and so on. Would you be more interested if I spread it out over a long length of time with like one country set of reviews for a month or few, with some non-cheese reviews to fill in and allow variation and breathing room, OR, just go all-in and go straight through cheese for an entire year? Other solutions? Comments? Cheese you want to make sure I try? Tell me!