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So this is a game that was played a very long time ago. I don't recall who exactly started it, so please tell me if you know who it is. But basically, here's how it works:
You make up a Smash Bros. stage you would like to see based upon this template:

Name of the stage
Origin series
Unlock criteria (or just starting stage if it's a starting stage)
General description

I'll be keeping a list of the stages, so that you can see a list of the different stages we've come up with.

Please keep them reasonable. I love Undertale as much as the next guy, but an Undertale stage is basically never going to appear in Smash.

Starting Stages
Mario - Bowser's Castle (Baby Luigi)
Paper Mario - Super Paper Mario (Fawfulthegreat64)
Donkey Kong - Bright Savannah (TyrorexDMZ)
Kirby - City Trial (LeftyGreenMario)

Unlockable Stages
Smash Bros. - Fighter's Castle (SuperDoom)
Mario- Shy Guy Falls (Pyro Guy)
Mario - Waluigi's Island (A51_Trooper)
Zelda - Hidden Village (Alex95)

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Bowser's Castle.

Doesn't really matter, I have no clue why the series doesn't have a fully-fledged Bowser's Castle stage yet. I think it would be very fun and amazing to fight on. Stage hazards will be Mechakoopas, Thwomps, Skewers, and Firebars.

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Super Paper Mario
Paper Mario series (Paper Mario 64, Super Paper Mario, Color Splash)
Starting I guess. Or unlocked with Paper Mario if he is playable.
A sequel to the Nintendo 3DS stage focusing on games that didn't get sections in that stage.
Hazards: Various bosses and enemies from the games that appear sometimes.

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Shy Guy Falls
(From Mario Kart 8 & Deluxe)
Probably unlocked through a Mario Kart related achievement.
A portion of the track with the waterfall as a background. Possibly the starting area, or maybe a moving platform that tours you around the place.
Obviously Shy Guy drivers, but perhaps minecarts, falling crystals, even Shy Guys breaking off chunks of rock with pickaxes to then launch at the players.


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Waluigi's Island
Mario Party series
Unlock Waluigi or scan his amiibo.
It's a touring stage, like Delfino Plaza, going to different sections of the island.

The hazards include Piranha Plants, both regular ones and those that drive construction vehicles, though they aren't present at every section. Both can be defeated. Also, the circle of dynamite is present as the final stop before resetting the cycle. The counter starts at 5, and every time the stack of dynamite takes 40% damage, the counter will drop by one. Once it reaches one, the explosion caused by the stack of dynamite will be equivalent to 10 Smart Bombs and 8 Blast Boxes. The stack will reappear in time by the next stop.

The touring platform have layouts based on Final Destination, Battlefield, Smashville as well as Town and City. Music tracks included by default are the Brawl version of Waluigi Pinball, Waluigi Stadium and of course, Waluigi's Island.

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Kirby Air Ride: City Trial stage

Kind of looks like Fourside (similar style), but events happen and can cause mayhem. Meteors, Dyna Blade, U.F.O., burning buildings (which would be normally rail stations), all crates contain the same item, bouncy items, characters going out of whack, giant pillar, etc..


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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Hidden Village

Players can fight on the buildings and ground, with a patio acting as drop-through platforms. As the battle goes on, Bublins shoot out arrows at the player, so they have to take cover under the patio or else take damage. Every now and then, an explosive barrel will across the stage and explode if something gets in its way.

Omega form is just the patio.

To unlock, you have to fight 20 versus matches or clear Classic on Hard difficulty or higher with Link.


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Super Smash Bros. Series: Fighter's Castle
It's a giant 3D tower that goes up. It consists of mosaics depicting Master Hand and Crazy Hand, along with the Fighting Polygons, Wire Frames, and Fighting Alloys. Along the way, there's lava, trapdoors, and various members of the Fighting Mii Team jumping out and attacking you.
The very top is the regular Final Destination, but with epileptic pictures of the fighters in the match. After 30 seconds, a trapdoor activates, sending everyone to their death and then the screen scrolls all the way back to the bottom in half a second. The whole process lasts about two minutes, and the screen scrolling is about twice the speed of the waterfall stage from Brawl.

Unlock criteria: Complete Classic 9.0 with all characters, and always take the red and purple paths.


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SERIES: Donkey Kong Country [Tropical Freeze]
Here with a morning report, the fighters of Super Smash Bros. unleash their power across an otherwise beautiful savannah! It starts as they get into the groove of the land's rhythm, with several animal mannequins carrying platforms, so there's no worries. But the beat ends when a nasty tornado rips across the parade with it's own obstacles! When the tornado ends, be prepared for a battle with Ba-Boom the Boisterous- and remember that whatever his color is grants a different bonus! Upon finishing the battle, the parade starts anew, like any circle of life.
HAZARDS: Changing platforms (parade), burning rocks and spiked logs (tornado), Ba-boom the Boisterous (last part)