Your favorite VG music.

Now that I'm finished with it, there were actually some really nice tracks in this game. The Memories of CCC is an official medley of a lot of the good tracks, though I have others that I like on their own.


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this has been on my brain for the past 2 weeks



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Concluded FE7 playthrough.

Must post best FE7 music.

Sorry because they ain't extended but BrawlBts being taken down and all, it's hard to find anything really. But at least these versions of the song come without the background noise the GBA system makes!

I admit this is part of the reason why I love Ninian so much.
You may recognize this as the first half of the Attack! remix from Smash. And there's the other half.
What a great theme, isn't it?
My favorite Lyn's tale map happens to have this as its theme too.
You know, nice title.
Plays whenever you're in a map where you can't see the enemies coming at you.
It actually fits for what you're fighting. That's not the theme of the final map, but actually only the battle itself. Still really cool though.
You get it for most of the game. Can't get bored of it though.

Although the entire soundtrack is seriously pretty amazing and I recommend checking it out. These were just the highlights for me.
Really good OST, easily the best in the series. Imagine an AA game that doesn't use psychic powers to get things done, wild.


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Has some very nice sounds too.

Fun fact this is a remix from the second game in the series.

This track while not my favorite... it still is beautiful... ends the game on a high note... I was honestly sad the game was over... I wish it was longer.

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(Guess what game I just played)


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Wow, Mario Sports Mix has a really good soundtrack. Here's my favorite music from that game:

My favorite is the fast version of Bowser Jr. Boulevard.
I've sort of ignored Sen 4 since finding out that it was pretty bad and so I haven't given the soundtrack a good listen, this popped up but god damn if only the game turned out as good as the music. It's like they took the best part of Cheap Trap and made it into a full song and then cured it of depression.

I've realised I can't force myself to play games I'm not fully invested into, burning hours on them is hard since I don't have quite as much free time as I used to but I hope I get around to properly replaying the Trails games all in english; and also the newer Ys titles, if not for the gameplay then for the music.


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Top 20 Best Video Game Soundtracks:

20. Destiny
19. Mass Effect 2
18. Star Fox Adventures
17. Mega Man X
16. Call of Duty Black Ops
15. Halo Combat Evolved
14. South Park The Stick of Truth
13. Pokemon OmegaRuby and AlphaSaphire
12. Castlevania Symphony of the Night
11. Chrono Cross
10. Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage
9. Donkey Kong 64
8. Fire Emblem Three Houses
7. Xenoblade Chronicles
6. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild
5. Dragon Age Origins
4. Banjo Kazooie
3. Final Fantasy X
2. The Kingdom Hearts series
1. Super Mario Galaxy

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i love this music so much, it's really relaxing and awesomely composed, so much nostalgia from when it'd play all the time as i let my young imagination flow. probably one of my favoruite vg tracks of all time, it wasn't on my top 100 list obviously because it's not from mario but if it were, i think it would be at least in the top 20


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So, I made some careful consideration, and I think I reached a conclusion. My favorite VG music of all, and it's "Beautiful Princess Elincia" from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (shocking, I know)

The theme not only perfectly captures the essence of Elincia's character, (she's a great character btw) but it also fills the air with a soft aura... or something like that. Never have I ever heard anything quite as beautiful as this, and it just makes me like Elincia herself even more, if anything. Do give it a listen.


I was going to post a few different songs but I've been listening to this one for the past hour since I came across it, I know the stage music is good in Gunvolt but I'm usually not paying enough attention because I'm focused on tagging and going fast. It's literally just a one minute loop of the same part but it's so good.