Wazzup? I'm Joseph from the Mario Wiki.
Who else here has a Miiverse account? My NNID is 3klxip. If you have a Miiverse account, why not say hello? P.S:I'm new here so if anyone can give me tips, I would appreciate that! ;)


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Whoa. If I can upload files and download from my computer (which doesn't seem possible at the moment), I might just have a reason to "mini-mod" my 3DS...

Also, instructional video I found


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YES! Mario Maker comments, Smash replays, and full completion of Tipping Stars! Can't wait!

EDIT: ...wait, is this compatible with Wii U, or 3DS only?

EDIT 2: Found Uiiverse, a Miiverse replacement for Wii U.

EDIT 3: ...And apparently it's browser-only, not Wii U.