LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Lots of images! It's finished!)


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The amount of images contained in the episodes is very large and may cause your computer to lag.
This thread contains general spoilers for both Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Gyakuten Kenji 2. Parts are spoilered due to large image amounts, not due to story spoiling. I'll still be sensible about not spoiling stuff in the commentary, but remember that you were warned.

Let's make one thing clear. I managed to get a game over in a practice attempt. On case 1. I only had watched that walkthrough like a few months ago. One of these three is true:
-I suck at this game.
-The game is particularly hard
-I both suck and this game is hard

So uh yeah, title and stuff.

Part Hub:
Episode 1: Preview
Case 1: Turnabout Target
Episode 2: The One Where Shit Actually Happens
Episode 3: Everyone's a Criminal
Episode 4: Oh Yeah!
Episode 5: The Short One
Episode 6: Pink is a Manly Color
Episode 7: President, not King
Episode 8: The President Is Even More Clueless Than We Are
Episode 9: Ohb-jik-shun
Episode 10: Walking Bullet Finder
Episode 11: We Do Something, I Think
Episode 12: Horse Taming
Case 2: The Imprisoned Turnabout
Episode 13: Everybody Hates Knightley
Episode 14: Blank Because LN1 Is An Idiot
Episode 15: Raymond Land: Shake It!
Episode 16: Silence is Dark
Episode 17: Not Even As Smart As The Average Bear
Episode 19: The President Is Still Retroactively Screwing Us
Episode 20: De Worst Situation
Episode 21: Red Does Not Represent Fire
Episode 22: The Universe Is Compassionate With Edgeworth
Episode 23: Raymond Has No Luck With Hugs
Episode 24: Foiled Again
Episode 25: Headshot
Episode 26: This Episode Contains Trace Amounts Of Ammonia
Episode 27: Why Can't We Be Friends?
Episode 28: Posthumous Troublemaker
Episode 29: A Dangerous Dose Of Puns
Episode 30: It's Always The Clowns
Episode 31: Orphan Simulator 2011
Episode 32: It's Been 10(Actually, Like 1) Years!
Episode 33: I Actually Almost Forgot To Put A Title
Episode 34: Possibility Ping-Pong
Episode 35: Woof. Woof. Woof.
Episode 36: You're Gonna Have A Beary Bad Day
Episode 37: Robot Alligator?
Episode 38: (Not) Lovely Ladies
Episode 39: It's The Argument Season
Episode 40: Lie Tank
Episode 41: Warden You Off
Case 3: The Inherited Turnabout
Episode 42: A Tale Of Two Lawyers
Episode 43: Could Dragons Be Dangerous Underwater Too?
Episode 44: You're So Gray
Episode 45: For Research!
Episode 46: 49 Dubious Years
Episode 47: The Doctor Feels Salty
Episode 48: Back to the Present
Episode 49: Artistic Disbelief
Episode 50: A Toxic Christmas In April
Episode 51: Burnination
Episode 52: Haunting The Present
Episode 53: Everything Is Evidence
Episode 54: Clumsy Curator
Episode 55: Surpluses And Lacks
Episode 56: Packed Tightly
Episode 57: Manfred von Argumentation
Episode 58: Huge Investigation
Episode 59: Clumsier Artist
Episode 60: Clumsierest Doctor
Episode 61: Just Chilling
Episode 62: Block Puzzle
Episode 63: Cur(at)ed of Non-Guilt
Episode 64: Evidence Isn't Everything
Episode 65: A Demon Tries Parenting
Episode 66: A Time Limit
Episode 67: Hell's Kitchen
Case 4: The Forgotten Turnabout
Episode 68: Black Hair And Green Eyes
Episode 69: Potassium
Episode 70: Slapstick
Episode 71: Three-Holed Paper
Episode 72: Blaise It
Episode 73: A Shield, A Sword, And An Innocent
Episode 74: Practically Illegal Coverups
Episode 75: Reference Room
Episode 76: Logic Chess Timer Clutch
Episode 77: Perfect > The Best
Episode 78: How Could This Happen?
Episode 79: Fighting Fire With Chess
Episode 80: Last Effort
Episode 81: Bull
Episode 82: The Doctor Is Out
Episode 83: Accomplice Testimony
Episode 84: It's Time, Chief!
Episode 85: Scintillating
Episode 86: You're De Wurst
Case 5: The Grand Turnabout
Episode 87: Five
Episode 88: Bait
Episode 89: Heads Fall, Everyone Dies
Episode 90: Wolves and Cows
Episode 91: I Fell For Hours
Episode 92: I Ran So Far Away
Episode 93: (Not) Lovely Ladies
Episode 94: John?
Episode 95: A Kidnapping Search...Again...Again
Episode 96: Debeste?
Episode 97: Last Check
Episode 98: Grandly Low Progress
Episode 99: Pink is a Manly Color
Episode 100: Triple Digits
Episode 101: Blaise It
Episode 102: Tides Turned for Debeste
Episode 103: Warden You Off
Episode 104: Where'd the President Go?
Episode 105: Why Are You Even Still Here?
Episode 106: Unclear As A Marsh
Episode 107: Flowers of the Past
Episode 108: It All Ends In A Blaise
Episode 109: A Connected Lightbulb That Doesn't Shine
Episode 110: The Eye Who Sees It All
Episode 111: You Are The Father
Episode 112: 2+2-1=3
Episode 113: The Assassin Who Isn't Assassinating
Episode 114: That Case Too
Episode 115: It's Always The Clowns
Episode 116: The One Who Masterminds the Game
Episode 117: You Are The Son
Episode 118: Technically Right
Episode 119: Fight and Flight
Episode 120: Party on the Roof
Episode 121: Almost There, Just Chilling
Finale 1 - Victory
Finale 2 - Reclaim
Finale 3 - Credits
Finale 4 - Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor's Path

Episode 1: Preview

Disclaimer and stuff.

First case and stuff.

To be continued...


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Preview)

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth.

This is the sequel of that.


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Preview)

Episode 2: The One Where Shit Actually Happens

Pretty much this for you to get a brief understanding.

Obvs reference to Quercus Alba being tried for smuggling ringleader stuff.
However, someone just shot the president!

Of course. Either way, both Gumshoe and Edgeworth arrive on scene quickly.

I swear, the president wants me to go fuck myself or something.

With such rudeness, I would try to kill the president too.

I know this is a tutorial, but it still seems so awkward.

You know, it gives you a perspective of the Ace Attorney world when Edgeworth's specialty is logic.

Talk to the woman in the crowd and she says this. See, I thought this was revealed until Case 4. Turns out it can be found in Case 1.

Edgeworth is totally a Steel Samurai fanboy. He focuses on the balloon instead.

Just like her mentor. We reach a stalemate a-

Along with being a Steel Samurai fanboy, he's a chess fanboy.

I know someone who'd extremely disagree.

Priceless quotes happen. Anyway, Logic Chess is where Edgeworth imagines he's playing interrogation chess against his opponent who has a defense of not wanting to reveal the info. Which ends up becoming real info.

Gee. Either way, she slips up when asked about her occupation saying something about articles,...

...which we can exploit for maximum defense breaking.

We use this info to get more info.

Something about her witnessing the event and stuff. Also, more putting stuff inside other stuff.

We use that info we got earlier to expose this lie.

-Capcom on not officially localizing this game


It was Jacques Portsman on Edgeworth's office with a gun. I solved the case!

Also that, I suppose.


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

Seto Kaiba said:
You know, it gives you a perspective of the Ace Attorney world when Edgeworth's specialty is logic.
Bravo *claps hard*
srsly tho, why are some characters so incompetent when they shouldn't be no matter what way you look at it?


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

but the allies are incompetent too.

Episode 3: Everyone's a Criminal
Nicole lets us hear the recording. Two gunshots.

Therefore, we investigate the left side.

We avoid the hell out of Winston Payne(for now), and rummage through the trash.

*Gumshoe being very excitable and Edgeworth stealing from bags*

Goddamnit, that song!

We learn this was in the bag.

The gun was visible the second the paper was pulled out, mind you. Oh well. Also, Trick Break(the song played when examining the gun) is a pretty cool track.

Pointlessly examining the van rewards you with this dialogue. (Edgeworth took 15 minutes to return for Gumshoe). If you show the Bullet Trajectory to Nicole, then...

This shit happens. The first pic's expression is perf. Also, the full conversation foreshadows the plot twist, so there's that. Anyway, talk to both Nicole and Payne, and then to the cameraman. There is no footage, how sad. But suddenly.

Oh hello, it's you again. She gives us some photos.

The pinnacle of logic for non-Edgeworths. So a simple conclusion for Edgey.

I'd be inclined to say pointing out zits is rude, but I think the president deserves some counter-rudeness.


That might just be the killer. Anyway, Kay gives us a third photo of some people running about. They were on the right side of the audience, so we investigate that.


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

Episode 4: Oh Yeah!

This is where things really start to get good. For me anyway.

We begin doing our shit.

Just examine that stall and what's under it, really. A red raincoat appears, and you are free to examine it in 3D detail.

Now, you don't progress quite yet since you get facts to connect with logic. Well, I forget what exactly triggers actual progress here. You get some Red Raincoat Notes before you actually get to progress with whatever it is you had to do.

Just connect the two facts, and shazam, a suspicious man is found.

Well, a man who should by all means be dead and claims to be a simple ice cream salesman. And this is where it gets amazing. He presents his arguments of why he's not the assassin.

Fuck yeah, arguments!

So yeah, this is his argument summarized. It has a few more statements tho.

His injury shows, and it is all the more obvious.

Oh yeah, the rebuttal music is pretty cool. Stick the evidence up his face! His argument breaks, and now he presents argument 2: he's just an ice cream salesman.

Press his first statement, and you get Edgeworth asking him about ice cream. If you know who this man really is, you'll understand his remark about honor.

The security plans only show the guards' last names, yet Doe knew Rooke's first name. What's up with that?

Right.... Anyway, he tells us about a second red-hooded person.

Allegedly, at least.

Yeah, how come Ms. Swift wasn't visible in the photos Kay took?

Basically, her argument about why she's not the second red-hooded person.


Explain it, then.

I doubt it. To be continued...


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

Episode 5: The Short One
As we try to ge the juice out of Ms. Swift...

This fucking guy.

This is the most courtesy this guy has. Trust me. Anyway, we introduce ourself, I guess.

He lets us choose whether we get good news or bad news, but who cares.

Wonderful. Case's over guys.

Well, that sucks. Case's not over guys. Well, let's continue investigating...

For fuck's sake! Oh, whatever could we...


Indeed. He is...

Are you seriously going to assassinate a man right in front of us?

Oh wait, you're just gonna hold him hostage. That's better. Unfortunately, I'm a prosecutor, so Gumshoe...

Got that?

Transition screens and stuff.


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

Episode 6: Pink is a Manly Color
Previously, on You're Not Getting Localized, Edgey:

Well, let's begin.

Hoo boy, where do we start?

Sadly, we can't flee the plane. Kay and Shelly may disagree with that first word.

Well, he has a weird case, and it's apparently bulletproof. His gun's model is really interesting, as it matches certain other guns we've seen. He got shot in the shoulder. I forget, but I think he was holding something.

Well, I suppose Zheng Fa has an interesting culture. Let's check the desk then. Hmm, what's this, some plan papers?

But, they differ from the ones in the bag.

Huh, I guess Shelly was onto something before us.

Ah yes, the classic butt lever.

A weird-ass doll. You get a piece of Logic which can be used to get evidence, which is useful.

Presenting your badge is like jumping on boss doors in Mega Man. It does nothing, but you feel the need to do it anyway.

Shelly may not be the brighest character, but I like the guy.

Edgey, you need to pay more attention to your assistant. She has a bit of a criminal mind. You'd understand better.

I guess Prosecutor badges tend to do that effect on people who are accused. If you stop fooling around and gather the evidence from the desk, monitors, Rooke's body, and logic, Shelly's patience will dwindle.

Wait, no, you're not going to...

...damnit, you totally are going to. He really did attack us without killing us.

Ah, curses.
To be continued.


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

Episode 7: President, not King

Ah, finally.

You're removing our investigational rights because of your plane? Fuck you too.

Resistance was futile. What do?

I mean, presidents do that all the time, but he's hiding something that would help us in figuring out the killer. You know what that means.

Let's do this.

What could this mean? Well, at least his knight is down. Soon, that will also be, oh wait, those are spoilers that I haven't played through yet.

Very well. Let's pursue that line of questioning.

Hmm, I wonder about that.

And that is how you do it.

A mere prosecutor beat the president. How embarassing.
To be continued.


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

Episode 8: The President Is Even More Clueless Than We Are

Just stop insulting us with your finger and it'll all be fine.


Testifying is very easy, Mr. President. Strangely enough, some people seem to have trouble doing that. I wonder why. Also, um, Mr. Knightley is...

This is unnatural for a president, but you gotta take what you can get.

Edgey vs. President, Round 2!

I wonder about that. He also mentions a red balloon. Hmm, let's pursue that inconsistency.

As I am about to show you(also, Edgeworth continues showing his Steel Samurai fanboy-ness in this dialogue if I remember it right)...

Is that so?

You suck if your security can't even protect a balloon. No tough criminal actively attacks balloons, so you kind of really suck.

And maybe your president needs a little help, I don't know. Allegedly though...

I doubt it somehow.

Simply enough, the flag can't possibly have a bullet hole if the flags really were there and the bullet was fired in that direction.

It is all very obvious now.


Here's where the president claims the flags could've easily changed due to the constant movement of the wind.(The pursuit theme plays for the first time here. It's wonderful.)

Here's where we refute that bullshit.

I guess we might just have to reconsider everything though. We do so, and get some logic pieces.

The logic connects in a weird way, but finally we arrive at a conclusion.


Although, we still haven't arrived at a killer. To be continued....


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

Episode 9:Ohb-jik-shun
However, Knightley tries to reason that such a feat would be impossible. After all, the audience would have noticed a gun.

I think not.

Thanks Nicole. So yeah, she 'fesses her involvement with the fake assassination attempt.

Sadly, Rooke is still dead.

Well, now that we got that out of the way, let's get some details I guess.

Since there's no way you'd know just from this SSLP(sorry), the embedded bullet info was not there earlier.

Yeah, we should think this through. Knightley, what do you think?

Screw you.

Screw. YOU.


Wtf kinda logic is that? And he tries to pin the blame on Nicole, on top of it.

Bring it on.

Oh really?

I think not.

You see Knightley, simple arithmetics is where your plan first stops.

It is perfectly obvious it had to be Knightley.

Logically leading us to effectively this.

Knightley, you are truly despicable this very instant.

Knightley's Fan Translation Objection, ugh. I mean, all the other voices for the translation for newly introduced characters are fine, but Knightley's is just so ugh.

We'll have to contradict our own arithmetic then.
To be continued.


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

Oh WOW. I was more behind than I thought. Well I am all caught up now.

This has taken an interesting turn. And Edgeworth is still as brilliant and always.


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

Episode 10: Walking Bullet Finder
Indeed, how come only two gunshots were heard?

I do believe there is a solution.

Although, the president should have heard one.

I mean, come on.

Well, props to Knightley for literally shooting in the dark.

I feel insulted by your pretending, Knightley.

President, don't pursue that desire. Believe in us; we're correct after all. I'll think of something.

"A one-in-a-million shot hit Rooke through the case. Who'd've thunk it?"

Think about it. It certainly was really strange how one of the monitors was shut off, and there's not much more evidence you could use.

If you follow it well, the bullet should be the murdering one.

And of course, Knightley had to try to cover it in some way.

gj Gumshoe.

We'll have to get some official data, but even if it favors us, it probably won't end there. It just can't end yet.
To be continued.


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

Episode 11: We Do Something, I Think
Welcome back to Gyakuten Kenji 2. This update schedule is still more consistent than Pokemon: Hard Mode

This is gonna suck, I just know it.

Some convenient info. Although, it still leaves a certain opening for inconvenience, which I hope...

Of course it did.

Thankfully, Knightley's arrogant enough to help us by allowing us to argue with him.

Just a small tidbit drop here. The Phoenix games each have two tracks for Witness Testimonies/Cross Examinations(Moderato and Allegro), while the Edgeworth games have three tracks for Arguments/Rebuttals(Moderato, Allegro, and Presto). This is the first argument in GK2 in which Presto plays in. Take a listen if you have some minutes to spare.

To be perfectly honest, I forget which statement you have to press, but you eventually get this choice if you press one of them.

It just reeks of 'wrong'.

Knightley's the killer. If Nicole wanted to kill Rooke or the president, she probably wouldn't have hit one of the plane's monitors. But we'll have to show it another way.

Not a chance, pal.

I almost would say that was a nice move if you weren't such a despicable killer.

I'm almost curious to know what else he was doing while I was Logic Chessing the president.

Yes Knightley, yes you did.

He probably would've switched it with Rooke's gun just to spite Rooke if he could have.

And of course he tries to taunt us before we rebuttal his sorry mane.

Something's just off about that.

Many more things bother me about you, but pay no attention to that.

Yes, this could be really helpful information. I guess our next order is to break his argument.
To be continued...


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Re: LN1 plays the Gyakuten Kenji 2 Fan Translation(Huge spoilers! progress: Case 1)

Episode 12: Horse Taming

And this is where you lose pal.

More like you should stop trying.

You're a knight. I can easily harass you with a pawn if I wanted to.

Knightley, you cannot even begin to imagine what move lurks in my mind. Oh you'll find out...

...I'm about to summon it.

To think a simple sprite of yours would be your demise.

I almost feel sympathy for your plans.

Or do you think you have any more horsecrap for me to refute?

Well said (props for surving being hit by The Thinker).

A man's lust for power is fearsome, but not unstoppable.

Rest some time Knightley; you'll need to be wide awake for what will follow.

Sadly, it's not all fun and games. Why?

Such a hope is not fit for an Edgeworth game. Shelly knows what's up, and he knows we want to know.

The twists that life take has just begun.

Case 1 End.