Super Smash Bros. Brawl Stages

Sir Grodus said:
Heres some more stages I thought up:

WarioWare, Inc.: Wario's game-producing factory, players will battle on conveyor belts and machinery, that sometimes go haywire.

Construction Site: Where Mario and Donkey Kong first met, the stage has everything, slanted girders, broken bridges and rolling barrels.

do not forget to give the same graphics of the original games

for my stages............ I don't have idea what I gonna choose, I don't even thinked for it
Lemme add, Airship Fortress.
Yeah, except that all the Shy Guys wil go for me...
I always thought rainbow road would make a great stage.
How about a stage where you start out in a swirling mass of Graveyard, get eaten by 3D, and have to go through the digestive system?
It would be fun since there are a lot of moving things... but I don't want to think of what happens when it's over.
Gang Plank Galleon my most most wanted stage. I already imagine you figthing of Krow while trying to avoid being blasted by Kannonball.
Not possible. The only Gradius character that could work is Doctor Venom, and he never appeared on a nintendo system.

A stage would pwn, Imagine this, you start off on a Big Core that promtly get blasted by a laser shot. Then you land on a Big Core MK-III who then fire his two huge laser (they don't hurt you). Then the shipo also explode and you land on a wandering Zelos Force (Think of Raphael Revan in SMW2). Then you land on the generic last level/mechanical fortress ship, it explode and you land on the Vic Viper himself. Then, he pose you on the Big Core and it loop over again. HOW IS THAT NOT AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I think I should stop babbling like a fanboy.

Since I am the nicest person on hearth., I'll show pic of all the character I mentioned.

Doctor Venom:


Big Core: The dude on my avatar.

Big Core Mk-III:


Zelos Force:


Base thing:


Vic Viper:

Snake never appeared on a Nintendo System.
Yes, on the nes and gamecube. His first appearance was on the MSX microcomputer, thought.
Sweet new ideas!

-Rain shower: Modelled after the G&W of the same name. Raindrops occasionally fall and cause 1% damgage.

-Cement factory: Modelled after mario's cement factory. Buckets are filled with cement. If they overflow, they may damage you. You can empty them by attacking the levers.

Sarasaland: Modelled after Super Mario Land. Simalar to the mushroom kingdom. Nothing much happens. Tatanga occasionally flies in the background, but doesen't do anything.

-Sewer: Modelled after Mario Bros. Again, nothing much happens, but shellcreepers and other enemies appear from out of pipes. Stay away from them.

-As already suggested, Rainbow Road, Luigi's mansion, bowser's castle and DK's construction site.
marioluigipeach3 said:

Ya delfino Plaza will be teh pwnz!
And there's moving platforms which takes you to different spots on Delfino Plaza!!! Its going to be cool!
I think Luigi's Masion Foyer would be a FTW stage.

In other news, I had a ream before of a Delphino Plaza stage in SSBM
or your Miis. THAT, my friends, would be FTW