Daisy or Peach


Which is better:Daisy or Peach
Peach. No doubt about it. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars. PEACH.

But, seriously, I never really liked either , but if I had to choose; Peach.
You guys are weirdos. I pick Peach, but not because of looks.
I always found Peach kind of, well, not that smart, "I'm Your Mama", "Did I Win?", indeed. Course, judging from the way she says that stuff, I guess its from surprise or a taunt or something.
Daisy brings Justin Timberlake's song back.

Doot, dur-oot, doot! She's bringing you know what back, those other girls don't know how to act, something something blah, blah, blah, blah.
Daisies are edible. Where have you been? o_0

Peach is a dumb blonde, and Daisy...well, just play Double Dash and see.
Daisy: Hi I'm Daisy, Hi i'm Daisy, Hi, I'm Daisy...

Just had to say that. :P
I've been in Animal Crossing: Wild World... CONFESSION: haven't finished NSMB yet ;(
Luigi: Mario, Meet my new girlfrien, Daisy!
Daisy: Hi, I'm Daisy!
Luigi: Finally, my intellectual equal :D
Daisy: Hi, I'm Daisy!
Mario: .....Do'nt flatter yourself, Luigi.
Sooooo... Daisy is hotter. She kicks more butt... yeah.... wait Peach in Super Smash Bros... nevermind Peach kicks more.