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Saw the big one last night.

THAT WAS FREAKING INCREDIBLE. Let's weigh the pros and cons (of what I can remember):

Professor Hulk.
Tony in general.
Tony's daughter Morgan. She's adorable.
Cap lifts Mjolnir, and it's one of the best moments ever.
Sam says "On your left" right before the dusted Avengers return via Strange's portals.
They have an even bigger army than before, since everyone is there.
Oh yeah, the fact that the dusted people return in the most amazing way, set to the Avengers theme, and Cap says Avengers Assemble right as Mjolnir flies into his hand.
Ant-Man and Nebula's interactions with the rest of the Avengers.
Clint Barton: underrated Avenger.
All the female Avengers have their own little scene in the final battle where they go up against Thanos's army alone.*
*Part of this includes a callback to Age of Ultron, where Pepper, Shuri, and Wanda fire beams at Thanos (in AoU's case, Iron Man, Vision, and Thor V.S.

Natasha dies and isn't in the final battle.

As you can see, the pros FAR outweigh the cons; I'm really only sad that they couldn't get Nat back due to the scene where all the female Avengers go up against the army.
All-in-all, I'd say it's a 10/10. I can't even describe the feeling that the final battle gives you. Text can't do it justice.


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You should put that in spoilers anyway.

It's not unknown for villains to survive their movies, and for a villain as popular as Thanos, it could have gone either way.


Moldomré said:

FFH second trailer is out. Spoiler warning included at the beginning.

Also, Imma break my "no swearing" rule this one time: Nick Fury's line "Bitch, please, you've been to space" is incredible.
aren't interdimensional threats Strange's job


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I bet he lists more heroes than just Thor and Captain Marvel and they shortened it for the trailer. It'd be very disappointing if Strange isn't acknowledged anywhere, because Mysterio's powers suggests some kind of connection. In the other trailer, Peter's classmates compared him to Thor and Iron Man because they're better known to the public, but surely Peter knows Strange well enough to compare the two at some point.

Does anyone suppose the X-Men/Fantastic Four/etc. will also be from this other world? What if it has its own Infinity Stones too? "Then the Time Heist was pointless," you may retort, but nuh-uh because even if they knew about the other world's stones at the time, they'd still have a much better idea of where to find them in their own world's past.


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The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™ said:
this will be the way they bring back Tony Stark, I guarantee it
they aren't recasting Tony any time soon, and the actor is done with the role. gotta let go, my man.


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Contra(dictory) said:
The Stanley Parable Adventure Line™ said:
this will be the way they bring back Tony Stark, I guarantee it
they aren't recasting Tony any time soon, and the actor is done with the role. gotta let go, my man.
I don't recall him or anyone saying he was done with the role, I've heard exactly the opposite, that he would love to keep playing the role if they let him.

You could say I've heard...contradictory...information...?

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isnt mysterios whole gimmick that hes a lying PoS trickster dude and his superpower is faking illusions to trick everyone

for my money, and because i steal my opinions from reddit, hes making up the multiverse thing for a gambit and is (plot twist!) a bad guy

if they revive tony through alt universe shenanigans i will actually flip my shit


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i mean i don't actually expect them to revive tony, and if they do i doubt it'll last very long (i'm talking about a three minute cameo or something)

i just miss my stark man, any chance of him living and having a good life, even in an alternate reality is all i need in life now

he's like that one relative you absolutely refuse to believe is dead, so you sit in the corner of your room with your hands over your ears screaming into the night


bringing tony back would be stupid then again i feel continuing the mcu beyond endgame is stupid anyways tbh

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Finally. Saw it. Loved it.

Not gonna lie about anything here... I sorta expected Tony to die. Idk, there's just some things in Infinity War that maybe planted the feeling inside my guts. And well... my guts weren't wrong...

It's about the point where Nebula was being sorta hacked that my hert started beating away. I knew this was the one mistake that could seriously cost every effort maid by the good guys. Then, when Stark meets his dad... that sent chills down my spine. Part of me wanted to have Tony just outright tell him a story, but that sounds stupid.

Then I am called back to his daughter... Morgan... she's such a pure soul, and she's got an amazing dad... I couldn't be happier about and for the girl. And hearing that time-travel was involved seriously worried me and made me think her existence might've been at stake...

Then Nat fucking lets go...

The movie continues on... everything is restored... the snap is undone... but... Nebula, yeah, remember that?

Everything starts falling apart. The odds are turned...

"To your left".

Oh. My. Fucking. God...

T'Challa? Shuri? Oh, and Sam! Wait... the snap... it IS undone!


EVERYONE IS HERE!? YEAH! Yes! Yes! This is it! Even if we lose, seeing everyone come in here at that moment... MAN that is strong... a glorious last stand... if only Nat were here now...

Wait what's that... the stones... they're not in Thanos' hands? Tony, what're you doing?

And there it goes... one dead boi... hooray...

Everyone is still here... remember that kid who liked Stark and helped him in Iron Man 3, whoever he was? He's here... recognized the mug as soon as it came in... The Guardians... almost whole again... yeah... everyone... and then... there's Morgan...

Ok, listen up... seeing Morgan there... the girl's probably not even 6, yet she's putting up with that... daddy's dead, but we gotta live for him ya know... she just... accepts it. Like a good girl. She watches her father's last message to her... you can see the pain in her eyes...

That... that is the most powerful moment in the movie for me... in a movie with many powerful moments... very few movies do this to me... but... I legit cried at that. I can't imagine going through what Tony's relatives and friends went through... what Morgan went through... yet... it just happened.

I will never forget that movie. Somehow it felt even better than Infinity War, and you could argue that you can cram more of the same thing in more time, yeah, but... still...

Great movie. And what a sendoff to our Iron Man. Proof that you have a heart, buddy...


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Well, it's about time he's gone. Now time to focus on more epic characters like Doorman, who they have full rights ot use and yet ignore for no good reason