Should a Big Eight character be killed off?

Which Big Eight character would you like to see killed off?

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  • Peach

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  • Toad

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  • Yoshi

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  • Wario

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  • Donkey Kong

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  • Bowser

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Cheep Cheep
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Would you like any Big Eight character to disappear for the rest of the Mario series until the end of time? Which one? And, would you like this to be a canonical death in a video game (but not like Bowser, only to be revived; the character cannot be revived after this death), or should the character just quietly disappear from the franchise and never return (meaning the character is probably still living, just never seen again, kinda like Pauline during her absense)?
Evil Bowser… Fat Bowser… (shudder)
....... ........ ..................DIE GRODUS!!!! But, sadly, you DO have a point. He has been showing up much less. If ANY of them die, the series will worsen.
If anyone votes that Wario should, i'll cut a peice of pie and throw it at their digital face.

oh and Toad should die cause hes short and usless
Toad could already have died since he hasn't been in an actual role in any of the real games. Replace Toad with Toadsworth, but keep the group of Mushroom People that look exactly the same.

All the others have too high of a role and have too many games.

Having Mario seem like he died but have him come back a couple games later would be awesome, not to mention a huge jump in a continuing plot/storyline.

If Wario dies, no more WarioLand.
If Toad dies, Peach is screwed
If Peach dies, No More Mario games. (You know it's true.)
If Luigi dies, Mario's screwed.
If DK die's no more DK games.
If Bowser dies, no more Mario games.
If yoshi dies, Mario is screwed.
If Mario dies... there ALL screwed.
I wouldn't like any of them to die, but I don't think toad should be apart of the Big eight anymore. He doesn't appear as much as he used to.
I picked Peach. I would like to see her killed accidentally by Bowser, sending both him and Mario into fits of depression and rage. Luigi, Toad, and many other characters will be affected by the emotional instability of the two. I think it's time for a somewhat serious Mario game where people do die in all the fighting. I want to see some personality development in the Marioverse.
Ya' know, that "What If Peach Died" thing does sound kind of cool. If we put or thoughts together we could maybe make something out of it:

Different characters views on Peach's death, political problems that would insue and Bowser, in true villain fashion, would probably blame Mario for Peach's death and be so enraged that he would wage a merciless, all-out-war against Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom.

Sound cool anybody?
I would imagine Mario being hit hard with depression and actually take on villainous qualities. Bowser too would become depressed, but would give up conquering and just mourn the loss in his castle all alone. Mario would distance himself from Luigi; the green bro. would try to get Mario back to normal, but Mario would just reject his overtures. Eventually, Mario will take a step to the dark side. He kidnaps Bowser Jr. in the night, then sends Bowser a note, saying he is going to execute him at a certain time. In the end, Luigi has to stop his brother from commiting a terrible act. If this were a game, Mario would be the final boss, and would be the hardest boss of all time. As far as political ramifications, a militaritsic leader would probably rise up in the Mushroom Kingdom. The Toads would be tired out sitting around, waiting to be attacked by the Koopa Troop over and over again. They would start making preemtive strikes against the Koopa Kingdom. Bowser, in his depression, would be unable to lead. The Koopalings would try to hold things together, but splinter into factions are start in-fighiting, casuing a Koopa civil war. Just some ideas I'm throwin' out there.
Hmm... Son osf Sons, I think that this is a good story idea, for a one-time BUT... Little kids play htese games. How would they react to an evil Mario and a dedad Peach?
I know. But I think it would be good to introduce kids to deeper concepts at a young age. The game would have a deep story, being very artistic in its delivery (as opposed to Conker's deep yet crude story). Younger kids should develop these deep emotional concepts.
Hmmmm... You DO have point, sos. Kids who read (Which they are always encouraged to do) get introduced to dark concepts, so why not do it through the More Popular videogames.

Still, It would have to be the last Mario game they ever made if Peach died.

And HolySnap, I agree. Toad does not appear enough to be in the big eight.
WarioLoaf said:
If anyone votes that Wario should, i'll cut a peice of pie and throw it at their digital face.

oh and Toad should die cause hes short and usless


I would like to see that made into a game, SoS. The deep concept intrigues me.
Ya know if DK dies....nothing really happens we just get a new helper in the Mario Party games.