Board posted the most in.

Yoshi K

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Click on Profile-Summary-Show Stats and you should find the boards you post most in.

I have posted most in Forum Games.
Mindless Junk.
I guess I should start getting a better reputation already.
Forum Games
Mindless Junk 1192
Forum Games 1160
Fan Creations 383
Off-subject Discussion 360
Video Games 145
Handheld Gaming 139
Entertainment & Media 135
The Marioverse 129
Mafia Archives 116
General Discussion 100

EDIT: messed up on junk
The Marioverse. At the time I posted this, I have 6884 posts there.
Marioverse, Video Games and then Handheld Gaming.

What I thought it would be, I don't really like messing around.
tucayo said:
Michael Myers said:
tucayo said:
Wiki Administrative Discussion followed closely by Shroom Staff Discussion.
We've discovered two of the hidden boards.
Those two are nothing when it comes to the endless universe of hidden boards.
This forum has 41 boards in total, of which I can see 27, including MJ (sorry visitors, you can't see that last one), so that means that without this Wiki Admin Board, Shroom Staff Board, this years Awards Committee and the Mafia Host Guild, there are still 10 more things the yellow star (
) users don't know about.

Global Moderators (duh)
Local Moderators (a few)
Hidden archieve
Poll Committee