Why did you join the Wiki/Forums?

Yoshi K

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Why did you join the Wiki or Forums (whichever you joined first)?

I joined to vote on the proposals 8).


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God, I don't even remember. I think I might have just been Google searching back in early 2008 and found the MarioWiki, made a few edits then left for about 2 years and came back. As for the forums, I heard some of my old friends from the MarioWiki were on here, and since I couldn't talk to them due to my ban, I joined because of that, and then I started coming here regularly.


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Found them, just randomly decided to join, I guess.

I found the Wiki about five or six years ago, though. Never joined though.


I wanted to write for the 'Shroom. Seriously, that's the only reason I felt urged to create an account.


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i wanted to add some smg2 info that i saw in a gameplay video

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I had to write for the 'Shroom Arts and Music section. I thought I could give a helping hand with the hand-drawn stuff.

Now the forum has completely distracted from my time at the wiki, in which is the place I originally joined a year prior.


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I joined the wiki because of The 'Shroom and I joined the forum because I was bored.


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Found this place through Wikipedia. Joined to kill some time.

here i sit 4 years later


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I think I joined the wiki to help out with SMG2, and I joined the forum for the hell of it one day.


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I joined the Wiki because I wanted to add information and stuff, and I decided to join the forums for the hell of it some days later I had made an account on the Wiki.

Vera Misham

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I joined the forum because I wanted to post in some threads and play in FE's Kirby Super Star Mafia.

I haven't joined the wiki yet though.


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I was googling for a Mario forum like 5 months ago and this was one of the results. Then I joined.


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I joined the forum to participate in the awards.


I joined the wiki while looking at mario images,it came up with the wiki page, so i decided to join as Bowser Jrs Number 1 fan,a couple years later i was talking on a talk page of SM3DL i think and someone said to me ''go on the forum to do things like this'' and he put a link with message.So i joined the forum as MarioRules25.


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I'd been on the wiki a while, decided I might as well join, and did.