Have you ragequit on any games?


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I started playing Rayman:Hoodlum's Revenge on GBA on emulator and thought it was a alright game. Then I got to the River of Murk level and ragequit due to the fact that I couldn't fly across the gap to hit a switch like I'm meant to. Have any of you ragequit on a game?
Halo and Call of Duty have caused me to rage quit more than I'd like to admit.
most megaman games i've played, many times
I don't recall ever rage-quitting from a game, but I have restarted out of rage due to making a single mistake. (e.g. Mario Kart time trials, Punch-Out!!! (Wii), stealth sections)
I've ragequitted in Kirby's Dream Land 3 when I fell into bottomless pits a couple times.
pretty much on all of my games, however it completely toned down when I actually broke my game cartridge for Drawn to Life: The Spongebob Edition, due to an excessive meltdown during a ragequit.
Two games come to mind; Brawl, for example, I used to always ragequit when attempting to do some of the challenges like "Endure a 15 minute Brawl", and in Donkey Kong Country Returns I ragequit countless times on the K levels, but I've never ragequit a game to the point where I stopped playing it altogether.
Pi said:
That kind of reminds me of how I play the Pikmin games: should a Pikmin die, then I will ragequit or restart, trying to complete it without loosing any Pikmin at all.
Same here, but it only applies to caves. If a Pikmin dies when the day is almost over and I haven't entered any caves (automatic saves), I just have to suck it up.

ThreeThousand said:
Monobear said:
Usually if I die in a Mega Man game, I just turn it off. Perfect run or nothing.
I would never do that, ha. I already made a rant about how shitty the enemy placements in Mega Man games are.
I don't think any games has caused me to ragequit so far, but my memory might fail me.
I rage quit Scooby Doo: Unmasked because I got hit by something. I was a n00b back then.

If fearquitting counts I've fear quit Luigi's Mansion several times.
I have ragequitted on Mario Kart wii grand prix mode due to the rubberbanding,but I came back and did it a month later.