Why do people hate Paper Mario 1 for being too easy?

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I think they should try to get everything i nthe game!
I've never heard complaints like that.
Neither have I. If, by any chance, people do think this, then they should try fighting the Anti-Guys Unit.
Byakuya Togami said:
I've never heard complaints like that.

I agree I have never heard anyone dislike that game for being too easy.
Red Barchetta said:
Paper Mario is "easy"? Are you drunk?


And yeah I've never heard any complaints about it being "easy" either.
Now that I think about it, are you sure it's not confusing that game with Super Paper Mario, PDI?
Um, Paper Mario 64 easy? Never heard any complaints like that, and I don't see Paper Mario 64 getting any "hate".

Did you make this thread just for attention, or you were confused?
No one complains about Paper Mario 64, and if there is one thing that game is not, is easy.
He either made this thread for attention, or he was confused.
Cirdec said:
Easy game where there is Anti Guy and Kent C Koopa?

They're optional. It's like the Pit of 100 Trials.

Anyway, for the topic title, source? Where did people ever said that?
I know that it's their words. And I strongly disagree with their words