Do you play instruments?

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I've taught myself piano for about 6 years. I'm probably gonna learn violin soon.


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Is mayonnaise an instrument? I used to play a few songs by ear on the recorder, if that counts. I really want to learn how to play the piano, and if I can do that, I would like to learn the harmonica and the accordion too.


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I play the keyboard, but not very well. I'd like to learn to play the guitar and drums at some point.


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I'm playing Ocarina since 2009, but I haven't touched it for a long time already.


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Spider-Man said:
Ive played piano at school,i have actually played gangstas paradise on it before
That's like a really easy keyboard song, so I mean...

Anyways, to go into more detail, I played acoustic drums from 2009 to June of this year, then got my first electronic drum set. I'm hoping I can join a band within the next year or two.


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I played the trumpet and I was first chair on it :P


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I've been playing ocarina off and on for almost a year.


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MCS said:
SpinyMaster said:
Just guitar, bass, piano, drum set, violin, chello, flute, and trumpet.
The fact that you said "Just" makes me laugh.

That's a lot of instruments. Way to go, dude.
There's people who play like forty instruments in my school, not even kidding


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I've taken piano lessons for eight years now, I used to play clarinet (haven't touched one for maybe two years), and this past year I started playing oboe. I used to play guitar a lonnnng time ago but I don't think I was very good at it :p guitar is too mainstream anyway
I know how to play Flute, Piccolo, Piano, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, F Horn/Mellophone, Recorder, Ocarina, and Voice (Tenor/Baritone).

I'm also going into Performance Flute at College. That is, if I can pass the auditions. Hopefully I'll be in U of M, since it's one of the best music schools in the country. I'm also in the Detriot Symphony Orchestra's Civic Youth Ensembles.

One day, I'll be a flute player for 40 years worth of practicing.

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Wow that's amazing.

I play the Guitar, Bass and Drums. I know a little bit on piano, but honestly I don't find playing it as much appealing as it I use too.

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Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, which is my main.

In fact it's been years since I played a clarinet... the fingerings are the same though so I can probably still play it.