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What enemy idea is the best?

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A spiny wiggler would be an absolutely horrid idea, IMO. Right now, the only way you can kill off a Wiggler is by jumping on its underside.


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A Lakitu that throws blue Spinies. All you Mario Kart players should know where I'm going with this.

It wouldn't work well in an actual Mario game, though.


I'd like to see some chicken-themed enemy that runs away from you as opposed to walking forward or charging you.


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In the 2D platformers, Wiggler is close to unbeatable, so it would be rather redundant to make a spiny variation of it. Of course, there could always be a variation where when it's angry, it'll encase its body in flames, making jumping not advisable.


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Not really.

Weapon- A thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage.

Power-up- An object in a game that benefit or add abilities to the character.

I guess you could say a weapon is a type of power-up, but they're not the same thing.

Anyway, I thought we were talking about platformers only.
You can beat Spiny Wiggler with a regular hammer. No need for power ups or anything. And nope, we aren't talking about just platformers.


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My list of enemies I want:
Venus Ice Trap: Spits ice at the player
Ink Blooper: Squirts ink and acts like a normal Blooper
Fire Goomba: Goomba on fire, runs really fast and the fire can be put out with ice or water. It can melt frozen munchers and frozen enemies
Spiked Goombeetle: If it was in a 2D game they would be invincible except for Hammer Mario, Star, Boomerang Mario and Ice.
Lava Fuzzy: Red fuzzy on fire that can be defeated by ice only.


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SuperPaperFan said:
Yoshigo, they do have most of those.
Well a few are similar Venus Ice Trap = Frost Piranha (Paper Mario types)
Ink Blooper = Blooper (Mario Kart types)
Fire Goomba uh not sure.
Spiked Goombeetle = Spiked Goomba, they are similar in a way
Lava Fuzzy nothing

Yoshidude99 said:
There should be Grand Dry Bones and Para Fuzzies
Super Dry Bones from NSMBW.


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Para Hammer Bros.

Basically Hammer Bros. with wings. Not talking about the one that sits on the platform.