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If you see any typo, outdated/wrong information or other errors on pages locked to regular users, post here and we'll (ideally) take care of them.

Could the PartOfPipe template here be taken off?

Hello. In MarioWiki:BJAODN, in the first sentence Super Mario Wiki is misspelled as super mairo wiki. Thanks.

:yoshi: YoshiKong :dk:
That's intentional. I mean, look at the rest of the intro;

The Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense Archive is the fun and controversy archive on the super mairo wiki. Its purpose? To have the most bad works documented. for fun!
Oh, sorry. I didn't know that is was spelled wrong on purpose.

:yoshi: YoshiKong :dk:
This board is called Wiki Collaborations for a reason.
Monobear said:
This board is called Wiki Collaborations for a reason.
Ohhhhh... I didn't know. Sorry.

I got confused by the name. :-\

Please don't hurt me!
Butterscotch Surprise said:
in the future, just use "Report to Moderator" on the post in question, please.

Like I said, Please don't hurt me!
This page (template:WelcomeUser) should have the URLs for the forum things be

[[forumboard:57|Organize or participate in a collaboration]] for the collaboration line

[[forumlink:index.php|Visit the forum]] for the forum line

EDIT: thanks
Steve deliberately added that so use of italics in the template wouldn't de-italicize things within the parameters.