Most Favorite/Disliked Pixar Movies

Ernest Fine

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I loved all of them, honestly. But my favourites are Up, WALL-E and Toy Story 3.


My personal list:

1: Cars (What, I like NASCAR. Also the characters were very touching IMO.)
2: Toy Story 3 (Two words: hell yes.)
3: Finding Nemo (Best movie animation-wise. It was just a little too short.)
4: WALL-E (Adorable.)
5: Up
6: Monsters Inc. (First movie I ever watched, btw.)
7: Toy Story 2
8: Ratatouille (Average for Pixar standards. Nothing really stands out, but nothing's really wrong with it.)
9: Toy Story (Way too short, and the animation could be better, but hey, it was 1995.)
10: The Incredibles (Cheesy. Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy.)
11: A Bug's Life (It just never really grew on me.)
12: Cars 2 (As much as I liked the first one, I strongly disliked the second. I mean, it's good, but it's just not Pixar-standards.)


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Least favourite is a toss-up between Up and Cars, but I haven't seen Cars 2 or Ratatouille(EDIT: Or Wall-E all the way). Favourite's probably Toy Story or The Incredibles.

Dr. Javelin

Nathan Latsk
Up was good, WALL-E was good, The Incredibles was good, all of the Toy Story movies were good.

I guess my dislike would be Monsters Inc. Not that I hate it, it's just not that great.


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My favorite movie is Cars but I don't have a least liked movie. I like all of them equally other than Cars, which I really liked.


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i don't watch movies very often. for Pixar, I've only seen Monsters Inc., Bug's Life, Toy Story, and Cars.

Mosters Inc. would probably be my favorite of the four, and Bug's Life would be my least favorite.


Dry Bowser
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WALL-E is my favorite Pixar movie, and my favorite movie of all-time.

Cars, yeah, I don't really care for that, though I also didn't care much for Ratatouille or a bug's life... At least not as much.