The dumbest thing in the history of the universe


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If you are not old enough to remember, I envy you. Brace yourself for the gayest thing you've ever seen. This is why Mario Sunshine did not have the initial success it should have gotten. None of my friends from back then bought the game because of this... thing.



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Re: The gayest thing in the history of the universe

Where was the gayness? Can you point out where the gay stuff are? I couldn't see it...All I saw was a Real Life Mario with FLUDD and some people singing about things being clean.


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Re: The gayest thing in the history of the universe

I think it's a hilarious commercial and I think you should be old enough to know it's not nice to use things like "gay" or "retarded" as insults.

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Professor Genki said:
No but i think he meant the Homosexual gay

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He was joking about gay's alternate meaning

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Re: The gayest thing in the history of the universe

Pinkie Pie said:
Pinkie Pie said:
How can a commercial have a sexuality? :yoshi:.
Some people are just lame enough to say that in society these days. Like how people say, "This game is gay."

Which reminds me of chuggaconroy's Majora's Mask LP where he commented about that.


You know how I said about a month ago that Mariowikedor was a complete idiot when he insulted NSMBW's Toads?

Well, you just lost a bunch more points from me, pal. I frigging hate the use of the word "gay" in a derogatory manner.


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The commercial is very silly, but even without it's corny song emphasizing it the whole idea of Mario running around with a glorified water gun cleaning up pollution was enough to turn me and my friends off from the game. We all played it and loved it once it was out, though, nobody can resist a 3D Mario platformer, no matter how much we continued to make fun of it. But I digress, I wouldn't call this the dumbest thing in the history of the universe, or even the dumbest thing in the history of Mario games- that is a seriously difficult thing to pick. There's been the CDI spinoffs, the cartoons, the educational games back in the SNES days... Lots of dumb stuff!

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I liked the Mario cartoons too. They're not too bad for my expectations.
All Gamecube commercials sucked. Just...look at how they botched up Melee. That guy looks so bored.

I'm sorry. This one was so bad it was good.

I lied. This one is freaking awesome.



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Wow... a Mario game advertised as a "Give a hoot, don't pollute" sort of thing.

...Although I have to admit, seeing Mario blast off like that in real life WAS worth sitting through the commercial.