You might've noticed I have one in my Signature. They're for keeping track of your games and also helping you organize them properly. So you pretty much put in all your games, tick if their unfinished, beaten or completed. You can also click null or mastered. Then their's a sort of review thing if you really want to do it and a bunch of other stuff! Also, you can put it in your sig if you go to options and go to the bottom where it will have a link. If you want a game to show up in there you have to edit the game and tick "now playing" down the bottom. there's also a wishlist area and choices for if you owned the game formerly or are borrowing it.

Anyway, I thought it was a pretty cool thing to have so if you want one just click on mine (In my signature) and it'll take you to the website. of course my Backloggery page will come up but you can just make an account and it'll go to your own personal one.

Just a cool thing in case somebody wanted something like this

EDIT: Also, if you do plan on making one, be sure to go into Options, then User Info and change your region before you start or you'll have the wrong flag next to every game like I do.

DOUBLE EDIT: Nobody seems to be posting here, but Smasher, UltraMario, MarioMaster & Pokemon Trainer Red have joined it.

People that Have it: (Username ~ Backloggery name)
Crackin355 ~ Crackin355
Smasher ~ Smasher
MarioMaster15 ~ MarioMaster15
UltraMario ~ UltraMario3000
Lily ~ Lily
Toad85 ~ Toad85
New Super Mario ~ NSM
Red Barchetta ~ RedBarchetta
Mariomario64 ~ MM64z
Dr. Javelin ~ Dr_Javelin
Crocodile Dippy ~ CrocodileDippy
FireUmbreon ~ FireUmbreon
Yoshiwaker ~ Yoshiwaker
UltraLuigi ~ UltraLuigi
Boidoh ~ Boidoh
Becquerel ~ prismpaladin
Superfiremario ~ Superfiremario
Toa 95 ~ Toa95
Reversinator ~ Reversinator
Epic Nitwirt ~ Lew_zealand
Superstarxalien ~ Superstarxalien
MrConcreteDonkey ~ MrConcreteDonkey
DragonFreak ~ DragonFreak


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Posty post.

I think it's pretty cool so far. I'm probably gonna be using it a lot.

Verbal Rhythm

Shine Sprite
I think everyone that joins should post here, so we know who joined. I think it would be great if everyone joined in.
There would be no need for the "I just played/beat" threads.
I started mine a Year and a half ago, but I never really used it much. Until now atleast.

I have so many Unfinished games its ridiculous.
So Now The people that have joined:

Pokemon Trainer Red
& New Super Mario, like he just said.

I've added everybody to my Multitap.

Oh and if somebodies sig thing is stretched, its because if you put the image in when theres only 1 Game there and then have 3 on the list it will shrink to the size it was when you first put it on. So you'll have to get rid of it and repost the link so that it goes to its right size. An easier solution is to always have 3 games on Now Playing and post it with 3 games, then it shouldnt change. Unless you dont click Stealth Save when adding a game.


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just pointing out that MarioMario64 joined under MM64z.

I've added everyone to my multitap as well.
When you go to some bodies profile, under their name says add to multitap

It's kind of like a friends list. Then 3 of your friends recent updates appears near the bottom of your page

EDIT: Also, if you click multitap up the top there's like a leader board with your friends. I'm 2nd with MarioMaster15 in first.
What's your name on the backloggery?

You just replace the name in the URL with some body else's to get to their page

Vinnie said:
I want one of those in my sig, but my dad will not let me have one
Why not?
Uh why?

Also, if you click the down arrow on the right of teheran now playing Ames Nader my pic, you can see some nice stats and stuff.