Bowser and final game?

WARNING: This contains spoilers for Super Paper Mario and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, so if you haven't played both of these games, read at your own risk.

So I was thinking, whatever order the games were released in (I mean, prequels were released after Super Mario Bros., and Super Mario World was released between Super Mario Land and Super Mario Land 2, which are back to back), there might be two games that could be the last in chronology: Super Paper Mario and New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the reasons behind both regarding Bowser.

Let's start with Super Paper Mario. Bowser joins forces with Mario for the same reasons he does in Super Mario RPG: To save the world so he can rule it himself. And from what he says, he still has only this intention by the time in which he enters Castle Bleck. Let's look at Super Mario RPG for a second. Smithy is destroyed, Bowser rebuilds his castle, and presumably not too long after that is Super Mario 64. Now, let's look at Bowser's Inside Story. Once Bowser kills the Dark Star and restores light to Mushroom Kingdom, he immediately decides to kidnap Peach (although he wasn't on Mario's side at any point in this game, they were helping him from the inside but beyond that he was fighting Fawful on his own) and fights Mario and Luigi at the first opportunity.

Now, let's look at the scenario in Super Paper Mario. (Here's where the spoilers begin, you have been warned twice). Dimentio is defeated, The Void is closed, all dimensions are safe. Now is about where Bowser would turn on Mario... but he doesn't. Now, you're probably thinking, he wants to rest a while, eat some snacks, and when he returns to Mushroom Kingdom he'll resume his evil ways. Well, the four heroes return to Mushroom Kingdom obviously, and come back after what Merlon says is a long time. Bowser is still traveling with Mario, Peach, and Luigi. Why? Maybe he actually turned to the good side this time? Probably at the moment when O'Chunks saves them, cause that's when Bowser helps him hold up the ceiling and tells everyone, even O'Chunks, to get into the next room. That would have been a HeroicSacrifice right there if he hadn't done his usual tradition of falling through the floor. If any of the other games take place after Super Paper Mario, when and how after all that time does Bowser turn back to the dark side?

That's Super Paper Mario, now let's do New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This game features all the major figures in the Koopa Troop (unless Kammy Koopa, Petey Piranha, and King Boo count). Bowser, Bowser Jr., Kamek, and the Koopalings. And from the looks of things, all of them die. Kamek is knocked into a lava pit, and
Bowser and his children are crushed when his castle falls over for no reason. Now, we've seen Bowser die before, specifically New Super Mario Bros. for the DS, and we can assume Bowser Jr. revives him, and that the Koopalings and Kamek have similar abilities, and Bowser does this to the Koopalings after Super Mario World and again after Superstar Saga. However, with all 10 of them dead, who revives Bowser from this? Is this the end of the Koopa Troop?

Obviously one of the two has to come first, and you can see how they conflict. If Super Paper Mario comes first, how and when does Bowser go back to evil, when he apparently doesn't for a long time after Dimentio is destroyed. And if New Super Mario Bros. Wii comes first, who revives Bowser?

Here would be my interpretations, but I'd like to hear yours. For Super Paper Mario, maybe Kamek got tired of doing no evil, so he erased Bowser's memory of Super Paper Mario, which could then potentially take place before Galaxy even. And for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, maybe common Magikoopas have the ability to resurrect their teammates as Bowser and Bowser Jr. have demonstrated (possibly explaining the Magikoopa standing beside Bowser, although many have suggested that that Magikoopa is Kamek). ...OR maybe he was using a 1UP Shroom, which could also lead to Super Mario 3D Land being the last, cause Bowser does get an epic death scene there (of course if Kamek or Bowser Jr. is around, he'll be back!).

But what are your theories, both on which one occurs first and how?


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ITT: Imply there's a chronology in a non-plot-based video game series
I reckon Logic doesn't matter in Mario and we should all eat raining pizza.

their just games. These kind of timeline things can stick to Zelda.
Fair enough if we're talking about a series whose sidescrollers don't seem to have a lot of plot to them, especially with all the breaking the fourth wall. But there is a chronology somewhere in there what with specific references back to other games, though those are mostly only present in the seven RPG's.

But what I'm trying to say is, if the games were ever all placed in a chronological order like the Zelda games, then which seems more likely - that, say, Kamek erases Bowser's memory of Super Paper Mario for later games and the final end of the Koopa Troop is in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, or that an unnamed Magikoopa revives Bowser from new Super Mario Bros. Wii for later games and he doesn't turn back from the dark side after Super Paper Mario

Although there's talk of a Paper Mario 3DS coming out, and any references to other games might make clear which is more likely, so maybe now isn't the best time to ask when evidence could come up later
References to other games of the series are usually just little things Nintendo decided to put in. You shouldn't really think too hard about this Mario chronology thing since there really isn't one.


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Rather than some existed bugs like Peach's absent friends in main games, or how Bowser gets his "children", I don't think your questions are the most serious ones.

In Mario series, each game is an independent like one episide of drama or cartoon series. You beat down your rival this episode, she/he will revenge in the next week.

For RPGs that Bowser cooperate with Mario bros, along with other spinoffs when Bowser has fair competetion with the main characters, I think they are just normal rivals but they don't hate or want to kill each other. In SMB, Mario simply brings Peach home, but never does anything fatal to Bowser.

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Meh, we basically saw the whole resurrection scene of the Koopa king in NSMB DS. I bet his minions just toss him into a jar enchanged with magical properties to bring him back each time (it is something simplistic for a Mario game). He even looks good as new afterwards. I wouldn't go to any complicated conclusions for something as simplistic as Super Mario plots.

Then again, we have the Mario Bros. and other heroes returning after losing all their lives as well...


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Yoshidude99 said:
Well PiT should technically be the last game since he was killed by Mario and Luigi and no one revived him
That you see. It's not like you see every single day in the the Mario world, or every single second or anything of the sort. So therefore, with out you seeing it, there could be no end to these beloved children's games, true?


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I don't think the castle smashing Bowser will kill him. The Marioverse is kinda like a cartoon, so he may just end up being pancaked instead.


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Mario games don't really have a chronology. The weird thing is that the Mushroom Kingdom rebuilds itself in every game, like that Tvtrope.
Baby Luigi said:
I don't think the castle smashing Bowser will kill him. The Marioverse is kinda like a cartoon, so he may just end up being pancaked instead.
Well, it almost does kill him in Bowser's Inside Story, if Mario and Luigi didn't make him giant, which they can only do in life-threatening situations. (Not that Bowser doesn't have other ways of becoming giant, as we witness in Sunshine, TT-YD, Galaxy 2, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii)
Cap'n Falcon said:
Mario games don't really have a chronology. The weird thing is that the Mushroom Kingdom rebuilds itself in every game, like that Tvtrope.
I noticed areas look different in some games, particularly Peach's Castle (Bowser's Castle can at least be explained by the fact that he has many). A wizard did it. (That, or no reason)
Yoshidude99 said:
Well PiT should technically be the last game since he was killed by Mario and Luigi and noone revived him
He could have just been knocked out. Or, they could have thrown the body somewhere, and then Kamek or Bowser Jr. took it and revived him like New Super Mario Bros.


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I think that Bowser has been shot by a cupid paratroopa which is the reason he is eternally in love with Peach. So, he can't resist the power and he will kidnap peach anyway.


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There's also a hole in the NSMBW being the last game. 1.Kamek could have just revived him. 2. Considering how Boom Boom and Pom Pom were in Super Mario 3D Land, they could have just revived him.