Koopa Troopa
Anyone here a fan or heard of the show? If so are you excited for the upcoming season!It looks so interesting with a laser being pointed right at nancy's head. Can't Wait!
I haven't heard about the show. That's all.
Well weeds is about a mom and there children selling marijuana and getting mixed up in all sorts of crazy mixups. And dexter is a show about a serial killer that works for a police station that only kills people who deserve. Like a child molester etc. Not saying I encourage this behavior but that's what those shows are about. Dexter is what you could call a vigilante
Is this spam again?
I don't use any weed, and snow didn't happen yet here.
melonwad, I hope you realize that:

1: double-posts that aren't to bump a buried thread (and no, less than two hours doesn't count by any stretch of imagination) are against the rules, especially when they're this devoid of content.

2: believe it or not, not everyone shares the same interests you, is online 24/7 or even lives in a place where the show actually airs. "So nobody has seen [the thread subject]"-style posts are pointless and makes you look petulant, especially when they're made a whooping half-hour after the thread is created. If nobody is interested in the subject, then nobody is going to post, and you have to accept that.
Sorry like I said before in other threads I'm new to the whole forums thing and I'm sorry for the inconvience
Long bump, Lily.

Weeds? They are notorious plants that are considered to be very annoying. But I don't see many here, as there is hardly any greenery.
Weeds is seriously the single worst show I have ever seen. Even worse than entourage, hung or californication. These shows think they're cool just because the adress taboos. "Take that society!"