Should the Wario Land/Ware series be continued?

Should the Wario/Ware Land series be continued?

  • I really don't play them anyways.

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  • Yes, I din't like those games

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Yoshi! Yoshi!
I think that the Wario Land/Ware series is intresting and I wonder whether every one else likes it.
Um the poll doesn't make any sense... Your question says should it be continued but one of the options are Yes because I don't like it. Don't you mean discontinued?

Anyways I don't really care because I have never played them.
I love the WarioWare series. I don't really care for Wario Land, but WarioWare is where I'm going with this
The answers on the poll is confusing... It asks if it wants the series to be continued. So it should be "Yes, I want it to be continued" or "No, I do not want it to be continued".

As for what I have to say, sure, I like both series. With WarioWare, though, they usually have to come up with a creative gimmick to continue the series and make new, unique microgames. Expect a Wii U WarioWare game that makes use of it's new controller.

As for Wario Land, I love that series, Wario beating up bad(der) guys is just awesome. I also want to see more Captain Syrup.
I said yes, the series is about a fat man running through places like an idiot. I would like to continue that.