Smash Bros. Dojo has not been updated since June 30, 2009.

Is there really more to tell us about Brawl?
They can announce a tournament or something.
Yeah, most tournaments are run by Smash communities so there isn't much point of an official one except to have official prizes.

Nintendo probably doesn't want to take publicity away from games they're not currently producing.
There's no reason to update that website if there's nothing else to show people.
Nope, they updated mid-July of 2009.
It's still been 2 years though.
Wii Remote Plus said:
It's still been 2 years though.

They really don't need to do anything. Brawl released, gamers know what everything is in the game. There's no point anymore. Eventually they'll have a site for SSB4 instead where they'll be releasing news on that instead. Right now though Nintendo's more focused on the upcoming games for the 3DS and some for the last years of the Wii before they head into the Wii U
For a game released for quite a while, I don't see an update necessary
Actually, they never revealed R.O.B's Final Smash.
Maybe because they chose not to
I think the game was out at the time. So I think if people wanted to know ROB's Final Smash they could do it by trying it out themselves. Or another site will have information on it. And it's not like they're suddenly going to do it now being about 3-4 years since the game came out.

The Dojo is not going to have any updates unless they decide to clear all the Brawl stuff and start up info for SSB4. Which still hasn't started Major Development yet.
Sakurai said it hadn't started yet, and that it is gonna start after Kid Icarus. You know how much years a game like Skyward Sword took to develop? Five. Since the smash bros game are pretty major games, I think we can expect a development period of about the same length.
Yoshiwalker said:
Is there really more to tell us about Brawl?

They will probably edit it for SSB4's info.
They can always start a new website. It isn't hard.