XBox Owner Sues Microsoft for $500 Billion


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That looked like a not-that-clever trolling of the system, up until:

It's also far from Stebbins' only lawsuit; he's filed more than a dozen within the past year, including similar far-fetched attempts at contract arbitration and claims of hiring discrimination because of his Asperger's Syndrome.

Anyway, can't top this as far as retarded lawsuits go. It's not like the case won't be laughed out of court anyway.

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Wow, 500 billion dollars? If you think about it, that's a 100 times more than 500 million dollars. Wow, what a dumb lawsuit. Why does he use his medical condition as an excuse? There are people far worse than him out there.


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I've seen people do conspiracies, and they end up in jail in the end. Basically, don't sue a company if you're fibbing your actions.