What Fanbase do you like?


Best cat themed touhou. I love touhou and DR.
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I like the Earthbound/Mother Fanbase.

there are a bunch of translations and hacks.

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The Mario fanbase. I've heard about the other fanbases (such as Sonic), and they sound horrible.

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There really should be a thread about "What Fanbase do you hate?" because most fanbases attract much more hate than they do like.

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I loathe the FPS fanbase. Well, maybe not all guys are bad, but I met some at school and they're very unpleasant. They believe that CODMW2 had sold more copies than Super Mario Bros. >_>

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My dad didn't believe that SSBM had sold over 7 million copies. Ugh.

I hated the Justin Bieber fanbase before everyone else hated it too. I also hated Twilight before them.

The most irritating fanbase of all IMO is the Star Trek one. They are alwasy saying that Trek is better than any other series and they never have much reason, they just rant rant rant. I've watched Trek and I am a fan, but I loathe the fanbase. Hypocrisy.

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I like the Sonic games, but hate the fanbase as well.

Oh, and Twilight's overrated, but I can't say too much because I never bothered to read the book.


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What fanbase?
I believe I don't have any fanbase, I just like the games I play.


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Bronies, Adventure Time and Homestuck fans are everywhere, damn it!

I don't really like any fanbase.


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The Sonic, Mario and Zelda fanbase.


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There's this game on Steam called Galcon Fusion that has one of the best online communities I've ever played with. I've heard there's power abusing moderators running around the servers but all the people I've ever seen playing are just really nice people.


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I am one of the rabid fans of Fran Drescher who defend the awesomeness of her voice with their lives. :D
I also happen to be a part of the Muse fanbase (not that it's obvious or anything).

But if we're talking video games, then Pokemon all the way ;D

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YoshiGo99 said:
In my opinion I think our fan base is the most successful.
I have to say that even in my Mario-biased opinion, the Pokemon fanbase is much more successful than the Mario one. Bulbapedia has to be one of the most professional wikis I've ever seen, and Smogon has in-depth analyses on every single Pokemon.

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I am still awaiting Smogon to do the 5 generation Pokemon

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They have been, they're still deciding what's banned (Thundurus is being debated right now) and if you look in their forums, they have finished many of the analyses and are grammar checking the others.

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I can't wait for them to put them up on the site. I like reading their analyses

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Yeah, their newspaper The Smog is also pretty good, they've done quite a few interesting thing like analyzing the villainous teams, and they also have great art done for it.

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I've never been in any fanbase other than Mario, perhaps, but I never heard of people saying that the Mario fans are fanatical narrow-minded hypocrites or anything like that.

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There's always a group in any fanbase that just ruin it for you, and a group that makes you proud to be a part of the community. With most fanbases I'm a part of, I've yet to find the latter, unfortunately.