This Mario song is so neglected


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It feels weird listening to that then listening to Fluffy Buff Galaxy music compare the 2 and they are both meant for clouds but this one sounds more peaceful.


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Each song fits a certain level, depending on its environment. You'd expect castles to have some more intense songs when compared to the basic overworld levels.

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Austin Powers said:
Look at this:
Like MnSG said, each theme is meant for the level, and as a final boss level, this one fits, and it is so epic.
Well that's nice but it's not really on topic. We're talking about NSMB Cloud Land and you seem to be branching off on SMS music.

That theme is rather nice. I've never heard it before, but I feel like I have, somehow.

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I like the lava music from New Super Mario Bros. Wii too

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YoshiGo99 said:
It is pretty awesome. Switch Grumble Volcano's music with that.
Nah, I still prefer my Diddy Kong Racing's Hot Top Volcano over Grumble Volcano

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I played Diddy Kong Racing and I like its soundtrack a lot

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There are like, 3 courses in Mario Kart Wii where I replaced the music with Diddy Kong Racing's music

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I don't really care for that theme, TBH

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Figment said:
How is it one bit annoying?
Same reason I found Yoshi Star annoying and Ricco Harbor annoying, especially when it loops 5 times